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Sunday, 18 June 2017

You are an exceptional human"- Kogi State first lady celebrates her husband, Gov. Yahaya Bello on his birthday

Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello turned a year older today, June 18. His second wife and first lady, Mrs Rashida took to her official social media page to celebrate him. She wrote;
"My love, as you celebrate your birthday, may God grant you all that you have ever wished for, and give you more wisdom and understanding to accomplish the task ahead of you. You are indeed an exceptional human, a generous and an outstanding man whose ways of handling affairs especially in Kogi state is mind-blowing.
With poise, you drive the New Direction Agenda forward with a “reformed Kogi” as the watchword and you have taken governance to the grassroots by showing love and affection for children, youth, women and men. All communities in the state have in one way or the other benefited from your change mantra. This is indeed breath-taking!

I appreciate God for your life and pray that as you get older, you will continue to grow in wisdom and understanding, and receive all the joy that days like this bring.

Happy birthday to a wonderful husband, a loving father, a worthy mentor, an exemplary man of substance with a heart of gold, astonishingly zealous, compassionate, and an inspirational leader.
Happy birthday Your Excellency"


NaijaDeltaBabe said...

Love in the air

... Merited happiness

philip said...

celebrating leaving those in the state in abject poverty.... dstv freely here

GALORE said...

Exceptional indeed. his age, not up to 50 years, he already has 3 wives

He dey owe workers and pensioneers 15 months salaries.. .and you are here celebrating your "Horseband "

Una no well

@DINO Abeg help me sing "Ajeku IYA je " for them


Ifeoma Ottih said...


Anonymous said...

exceptional human indeed!

General Sniper said...

Heartless family. People are out there suffering in hunger, nd u are in there celebrating ur wicked husband. Pay dia salary ye wicked governor, may God judge u

DULLA said...

Yes he sure is exceptional. Exceptional in owing 15 months salary

Olawale Frank said...

Happy birthday Gov. Bello. If we have to beg you, Pls pay workers' salaries. You have reduced workers & pensioners below a human-being.

CHERYL (aka FROM GLORY to GLORY) said...

Advise him to go and pay salaries pls. People r suffering and hungry

Long live LIB

Kelvin said...

No matter how bad you are, some one will still celebrate you. Tell him to go and pay salaries. Stop politicking over it. Stop settling Monarchs and god father's . Go and pay salaries and start working not looking for how to be celebrated

Anonymous said...

This woman and her husband are both fools, you have the dirty guts to celebrate your lousy husband when people in kogi are suffering,I know the two of you would end up in jail someday.

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