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Friday, 9 June 2017

Woman who was rescued from boyfriend who tried to throw her over a bridge is finally killed by him

The common advice for women in abusive relationships is to leave before it's too late but what's the advice for women whose boyfriends turn deadly when they try to end the abusive relationship? Go to the police maybe? For Zama Sishi, her effort to end things with her abusive partner ended in death.

A few weeks ago, 31-year-old Zama was allegedly assisted by a passerby to escape when her boyfriend, Ayanda Nkosi, 32, tried to throw her over the bridge at Jozini Dam in South Africa, but on Friday night she wasn't so lucky when Ayanda allegedly stormed into her rented house in Jozini, northern KZN and fired bullets into her body. 
Ayanda, who was originally from Hluhluwe, is believed to have turned the gun on himself afterward. Both of them died on the spot. A friend who lives in the neighborhood said they rushed to the scene on Friday night after hearing the gunshots and found the bodies of both of them lying on the floor, bleeding profusely.

A relative of Zama’s told Daily Sun the couple had been fighting a lot lately. The relatives said that the circumstances surrounding the fights was not so clear but they were linked to the fact that Zama wanted to end the relationship.
“Apart from Ayanda’s attempt to throw her over the bridge, there have been other shocking incidents," the relative said. 
“He has been beating her severely. Zama had a fresh injury on her head that she sustained from a recent beating." 
A source said:
 “Her boyfriend was jealous and abusive and their fights have been going on for a couple of months. It is not clear how long the two have been dating because neither of them is from the area. They came to the area early this year. Zama worked in Jozini and her boyfriend constantly visited her."
KZN police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Thulani Zwane confirmed the incident. He said a case of murder and an inquest docket were opened at Jozini Police Station for investigation.
“Circumstances around the incident are still being investigated,” said Zwane.


OSINANL said...


prince samuel said...

What is wrong with these south Africans self! Story of murder every time.


And whats gonna happen to the man???

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Anonymous said...


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oiza said...

Women listen! The signs is always there from the get go!

Billionaire Prof said...

So touching and pitiable. It sad when people refuse to learn from history. What happened to reporting and getting him jailed right after the first attempt? Truth is that people who are crude and violent in nature manifest these tendences in little things long before the real beast shows up. But love blinds people's eyes. Someone said that there are 3 people who are very difficult to advice, namely: a woman in love, a man with money, and Arsenal fans. I think it's true.

RareSpecie Z said...


tsalz said...


James said...

Even if you go to the police when running from an abusive relationship, they legally can not do anything as far as the ex in question has not committed a crime. One can try getting a restraining order but honestly, these things only work in a civilised society. When a mentally deranged psychopathic coward like that is out for blood, the only way to stop him is to kill him first. In a decent country, the son of a bitch would have been arrested for attempted murder the first time.

R.I.P. Human beings are truly evil.

Anonymous said...

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Pretty woman friend said...

Satan lives in sounth Africa.

cynthia okafor said...

Go back and read,because something ve happen to the man already.

Anonymous said...

Dem no dey hear

Favour Patience said...

How do one put up with an abusive relationship? Now look at this. I was once in an abusive relationship as soon as I noticed I wasn't safe anymore I had to end that stupid relationship.

Anonymous said...

Why are they so many deaths in South Africa from VIOLENCE from their male counterparts. Must you kill your girlfriend if she no wan do again? what is wrong with these set of animals ??????????????Gosh..

Anonymous said...

He's already dead.It was a murder suicide

niyi adetoye said...

still advice my younger one yesterday bout dis ... now she's gone .... just quit bfor it will b too late

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