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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Watch baby's hilarious reaction when her dad tried to place her on grass

11-month-old Kai hates grasses so much that she turned into a gymnast immediately her dad tried to put her in it. Kai's reaction was so hilarious that her parents captured it and shared online.

Pazi D., of Smyrna, Georgia, said he and his wife of five years, Lauren, knew that their daughter doesn't like grass but they never expected her to go into a full split when Pazi tried to place her down in their yard for playtime.

The parents said she hated grass so much she refuses to walk on it barefoot. The video has been viewed by more than 1 million people since it was shared on Facebook, with many, referring to the infant as "adorable".

Pazi D., who asked ABC News not to use his last name, said: "We realized after taking her out several times that she wasn’t a real big fan of the grass. If she has on shoes, she’s usually OK. But if she’s walking barefoot she won’t step on the grass.

"She's just extremely energetic," he added. "She's determined."

See the video below.


Carolina Jones said...

My daughter hated sand. If u dare put her on sand, she would scream. Any where she see sand she becomes a very good baby. No beach as she wont step until we get home. Now she is a 5 n sand is her friend. Builds sand castles whenevwr we go to tje beach.

Zizi0283 said...

She's the next Simone!

Anonymous said...

Hilarioussssss 😂😁😂

Debbie Chelsea said...


Anonymous said...

Aww God bless you and your little princess. I laughed so hard at your comment.

Emeka Izuogu said...


Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

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