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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Teenage boy brutally assaults a female on livestream while his friends cheer him on

A sad graphic video has gone viral online, showing a teenage boy mercilessly beating a woman who appears to be intoxicated. As though the assault were not bad enough, friends of the abusive teen cheered him on all through the attack and did not bother to assist the helpless female. Soon after he was done carrying out the assault, his friends further showed their approval by giving him a high-five. You can watch the sick video here.


Esther Norah said...

No thanks. These r the pple dat makes crime investigation on TV have more programs and they are always being caught. Foolish pple roaming the earth period

ogbonna nwabueze said...

Why beating someone who is dronk already

Anonymous said...

May be she deserved it. See how she was pointing fingers like someone guilty of something. Don't mess with guys when u know u are a weak being. Women know this yet they engage in fights with men. Fuck u feminist

Doris Ohagudo said...

I pray that your sisters will deserve that one day,so you think it's ok to put your hands on someone else.You so sick man

Anonymous said...

Amen Doris....sick men roaming around

victor kelvin said...

No further investigation on why she was beaten but u just open your retarted mouth and accuse the guys... well let the fight continue btw males and females since that's all you Linda wants

Andre Cooper said...

Very insensitive of you. You need emotional healing.

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