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Friday, 2 June 2017

Sudanese model, 'Queen of the dark' accused of faking her black skin color after sharing lighter photo with her mom

Sudanese International model, Nyakim Gatwech nicknamed the 'Queen Of Dark' because of her dark complexion has been accused of photoshopping her charcoal photos after she shared a lighter photo with her mom.

Mid-last month, the US-based model posted a photo with her mother, Elizabeth to celebrate her on Mother's day.
In the photo, she was visibly seen in lighter complexion and fans got confused with some of them accusing her of photoshopping her photos to look darker.

Although, she' s yet to react to the accusation.

See more photos and a video she posted with her mom below...

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Anonymous said...

So what. She should don't if she likes. For enough centuries web have been copying white peoples hair and colour. Let us do our own. Haba.

Richmond said...

it is obvious that she made herself look darker so that she would use that as her selling point for her career. these chicks have nothing to offer except their beauty.

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hrm paul said...

D girl na scam

Ifeoma1010 said...

At least she is selling black color. How about those who bleach their skin die e.g Bobrisky. Make una leave jare.

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Anonymous said...

Depends on of its best before or expired, or use by.

If it's best before, it is still usable but might not be of high standards.

If it's expired, it means it's likely to have anything from harmful bacteria to other active chemicals, that will risk illness, or injury.

If it's expired, it should be in the bin. Forget it even existed and move on.

On your point about bleaching, that is a consequence of negative social association of dark complexions. Those who bleach are more traumatised by the perception of society against their skin, than them wanting to risk all the harm associated with bleaching, just to be light skinned.

We have to reinforce the notion of black beauty, as a solution to bad body image.

OLOLADE said...

people would do anything to bring you down. why can't they accuse her of photo shopping her pics to look lighter? why is it the other way round? I don't care if the news is true, let he that never sin be the first to cast stone. is it their photoshop?

Sirgreen Stanley said...

You are a fool if you criticize her. She done nothing wrong

Samuel Adeniyi said...

I thought of it. Ow can girls of nowadays be this dark. Not knowing that I was fooled.

uniquechic said...

its her body n her skin...she can do as she likes..
but can anyone be ds black for real(as seen in her pix)

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Anonymous said...

Pple from her country south Sudan are very black. Black like charcoal. Google it

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