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Friday, 9 June 2017

South African ‘snake pastor' denies confessing to TB Joshua on live TV that he's a fake, says he was tricked and under duress

Penuel Mnguni, the South African pastor popular for asking his church members to do unusual things like swallow live snakes, has denied confessing to TB Joshua on live TV that his actions were not scriptural. He said that everything he said during that deliverance was uttered under duress.
The pastor was in Nigeria to visit Prophet T.B. Joshua and during a deliverance session which was televised, he reportedly confessed that his methods were not of God. 

“Pastor TB Joshua and I came to realise that what I was doing was not scriptural,” Mnguni had confessed during the deliverance.

The controversial pastor, who has since returned to South Africa, is now speaking out from his country, stating that he was tricked to confess on live TV. He also accused T.B. Joshua  and his people of seizing his ID card and forcing him to say the words they wanted to hear.

He said:
“I never knew that I was going to be forced to speak in front of people. Those people took my ID and passport and would not give them back until I did what they wanted me to do. I went there on an invite and I only wanted to take part in worshipping, not deliverance. It was as if everything was planned before I even got there. If you listen to the video I am not the one saying those words. There is a woman next to me who is forcefully telling me what to say.”
He continued: “But I stood there hopelessly because I feared a lot of things.”

Kirsten Nematandani from T.B. Joshua Ministries has responded to his claims, saying they are false.

Nematandani said:
“He just wants to continue to be controversial. You must understand going to Nigeria is not a quick decision. He had to get a visa, get on a plane and get accommodation. He was never forced to do anything. The pictures at the church? Who brought them? He brought them himself because he wanted to. He is an adult and he can’t be forced to do anything. The problem is he just likes to cause a scene.”


Esther Norah said...

Am not understanding these men of God these days buh am not surprised cos it's end time and tins will happen. Who is actually saying the truth. Period

RareSpecie Z said...

I dey laugh.

Isaac atanda said...

God we safe us all from fake ppl call pastor

Anonymous said...

pls linda dont mind this man ... i watch it live ...the man said alot of things

oiza said...

Na wa o church is something else nowadays

Oluchi Agim said...

dont mind this man... i watch it live...

Anonymous said...

the judgement of God will start from the church,he alone knows his true worshipers.

Uche said...

Before people criticise this man, please watch other clips and you will see that the girl holding the mic is always telling people what to say. The manipulation there is something else. People will insult this man but people should open their eyes.
People need to fast and pray for God to open their eyes to the things that happen.

I beg people to fast and pray for God to open their eyes. People like FFK need to seriously fast, pray and wake up.
More revelations coming soon. If they don't set people free, God will intervene


This is shocking.

joel maxwell said...

Instead of us arguing who is a true pastor or not. Lets check our own lives are we on the right path. For there is no time to slack. Word is enough for the wise...

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