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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Saraki's acquittal by the CCT is quite shocking- Itse Sagay, says ruling would be appealed

Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption (PACAC), Prof. Itse Sagay, has described as shocking the decision of the Code of Conduct Tribunal to discharge and acquit senate present of all 18-false assets declaration charges. Chairman of the tribunal, Danladi Unar, Wednesday dismissed the case, stating that the prosecution team had failed to prove sufficient evidence to prove Saraki was indeed guilty. Reacting to the judgement, Sagay said the court was well furnished with evidence.
He hinted that the ruling would be appealed.
"To start with, I’m shocked, because a lot of materials were put before the court. And for a court to uphold a no-case submission means that there was no prima facie case made. That’s why I’m a bit shocked because I followed the proceedings very closely. But there’s going to be an appeal. We’ll just wait and see happen then, but I’m thoroughly shocked, yes.” he said


Obamedo said...

What do you expect. Birds of the same feather chop together
You only need to look at the turnout at a society wedding to realise that all the thieves flock together and exchange notes regardless of which party they belong
There is no way anyone will be found guilty in Nigeria as long as they hangout with the right crowd.

ibrahim kevin luke said...

That's sad to the right against corruption and corrupted government officials

Anonymous said...

Enter your
court facts back by evidence. not sentiment.or jagaban

I. C Bruno said...

Prof, saraki will soon come for you. Hope you saw how Magu was frustrated. Next is yours. The government you are fighting for have no direction and no magnitude.

Anonymous said...

Senile Sagay. Saraki won his case fair and square after his lawyers demolished the fake witnesses the prosecution taught to lie. Instead of Sagay to go and force Buhari and Osinbajo to work see his ugly mouth calling Saraki. He has not heard "touch not my anointed" ko?

Anonymous said...

This man pictured always appears self righteous.

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