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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Photos: India Narcotics Bureau arrests Nigerian man with drugs worth N161m concealed in ladies shoes and bags

A 27-year-old Nigerian national was arrested on Friday night, June 9th, at Vadodara railway station, Gujarat, India after he was found in possession of drugs worth Rs 3.5crore (N161m) in the international market.

The operation was carried out by the Narcotics Control Bureau and the Western Railway Police, based on a tip-off they got on Thursday night.

The suspect identified as Peter Chinedu, he was travelling by the New Delhi- Goa Rajdhani Express.
The Times of India said upon searching him, he was found with 843gm of methamphetamine, 255gm of cocaine and he drugs were concealed in items such as ladies footwear, bags and a pen stand.

NCB’s Ahmedabad zonal officer Hariom Gandhi said that three mobile phones and Rs 3,000 were also recovered from Chinedu.

"From his passport, it appears that he is from Lagos in Nigeria and has travelled to India on several occasions,” said Gandhi.
The source of the contraband has been traced to New Delhi and the NCB has begun investigation in this regard.


Anonymous said...

Drugs run people mad. A simple stroll down park Avenue or any area in the West would show how this epidemic is brought about by greedy boys like this mumu. Now he will most likely rot in an Indian prison. Is it worth it? Those shoes would have fetched him some profit without the drugs but the love of instagram fronting and all, has got him in trouble. I shake my head

Anonymous said...

Ooooo I only knw is mybroda no two ways about it,this time around aint gonna pity u,bcuz if it happen that you make it,you go just land 9ja enter 9tclub and spend 25mper 9t without knowing a niggah like me exist,so run ya own race in prison,safe for issue of drug I knw they are not yet serious in putting it to an end,if they are crious just like I used to say let them start from the genesis not the other way round...

Anonymous said...

Peter Chinedu, another yaraba one.

Anonymous said...

Why is it always an igbo man?
Please, Ndigbo's should form Biafra quickly.
So, that when they are caught.They are caught as Biafrans and not Nigerian's.

henry nwuke said...

Desperate man.
Die by hanging INFACT FOr all the families u have torn apart, for all the young boys and girls you have wasted with ur drugs. Amen

Anonymous said...

The New Biafra...a country of drug dealers, kidnappers and dreaded armed robbers.
Igbo Kwenu! Nnamdi Kanu Kwenu!!

Anonymous said...

Since when did Yoruba people bear Chinedu? If I woze you slap , you go wake up.

Anonymous said...

Because igbo people too like to dey carry drugs .

Anonymous said...

Sharap! That lady that was going to Saudi Arabia who was caught with drugs nko?

Jay said...

It's such a shame we keep spoiling the image of Nigeria. I get sick when u guys attribute certain crimes to certain tribe. From the write up, they never said an Igbo Nigerian was caught with drugs, but a Nigerian. We need to condemn what is wrong irrespective of tribes!

Anonymous said...

That lady in Saudi, remains 1 in a million!


Anonymous said...

Here we go again

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