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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Photos: 70-Year-Old allegedly rapes Primary 4 Pupil

A 70-year-old man identified as Sunday Nwokoro, has been accused of raping a 12-year-old primary four pupil of Agbor Model Primary School,Agbor. According to Facebook user, Christian Onwugbolu, the accused was apprehended after he paid a visit to the parents of the victim. While narrating how his daughter's abuser was arrested, father of the victim Friday Egbineka said:
"Mr Sunday Nwokoro lives near my house at Umudein  Street, Agbor. My children usually visit his house to watch film. Unfortunately, I did not know he was sleeping with my third child, a primary four pupil at Agbor Model Primary School, Agbor. Before now my other children reported to me that their sister keeps late nights. I did not know about this on time because i am a security man in one of the private secondary schools in Agbor. My job keeps me outside all the time, hence I was not able to monitor my children activities effectively. I lost their mother late last year and my own mother recently.  Mr Nwokoro came to sympathize with me over my loss when my daughter told me that he was the man sleeping with her. Prior to this time, my daughter was having symptoms of sickness and we had earlier treated her medically. Immediately, she told us how Mr Nwokoro forced her to be sleeping with him. We approached him but he denied the allegation. He later admitted after members of Agbor Gha Ihun were invited.I want justice to prevail."
The rape victim said:
"I went with my friends to watch film in his house (Mr Nwokoro)house where he dragged me into his room and promised to give me #100,anytime i sleep with him.While in his room he overpowered me and fingered me severally. He disvirgined me. I reported him to my father when he visited our house yesterday."
Mr Nwokoro, a native of Agbor, said the devil pushed him into it and begged that justice be tempered with mercy.


baby girl said...

Enter your comment...that devil will take you to hell

Anonymous said...

Please, no one should think that abuse of under-age boys and girls, especially that of girls is just happening now, it has been on going for decades, and it is demoralising to know that one of the major reasons is poverty. According to the family's narration, the father of the victim was always on duty trying to provide for the family, which made it easeir for the paedophiles to execute their atrocities. If a research is being conducted to gather data about people that have suffered one sexual abuse or the other, we would be surprised at the staggering figures. It is so pathetic that the government is not helping the situation due to huge corruption in the country, more so, the international organisations are not helping either as fund and aid are being directed to wrong cases, for example, is it only the northerners that are in abject poverty, that millions of dollars are being given to their states for eradication of poverty? There are other states that need the attention of international humanitarian fund and aid to fight poverty which will definitely make a huge different.

Dupsy B said...

See am he wear jeans. Oloshi grandpa, hell awaits you.

Udolisa Ugochukwu said...

What tha hell....he is cursed

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