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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Norway proposes ban on full-face hijab in schools and university

The Norwegian government on Monday proposed a bill to ban the full-face Muslim hijab in all schools, from nurseries to universities says it prevent the effective flow of communication between students and teachers.
"We do not want clothes covering the face in nurseries, schools and universities," Minister of Education and Research Torbjorn Roe Isaksen said in a statement, adding that 'these clothes prevent good communication, which is important for students to receive a good education.

It was also stated that when the bill is passed employees who insist on wearing a veil would risk losing their jobs, and students could face expulsion from the university.

The bill was proposed by Norway's minority government, a coalition of the center-right Conservatives and the populist Progress Party, who all believe the bill, which is expected to be passed in the spring of 2018, would find opposition support for the move.

However, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Bulgaria and the German state of Bavaria have all imposed restrictions on wearing full-face veils in public places.


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Peter James said...

They should do it and do it fast. Before this Moslem suicide bombers and killers finish them.

Aminat Alabi said...

Where do u see it in the qur'an that muslims are to be suicide bombers. when xtrians do such u never mention their religion. Those that kill do it on their terms and based on their self desire nt becos they are muslims. so pls stop generalising. Quran says that if u kill an innocent person its as if u killed the whole mankind. Some pple are just plain sick. and those of them that attribute their evil ways to islam, want to tarnish the image of islam. But nobody can because Islam will always triumph. so pls educate urself abt islam... its all abt PEACE....

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