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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

No region or any ethnic group has the right to eject or instigate an ejection of other ethnic group- Senator Shehu Sani

Senator Shehu Sani who represents Kaduna Central in the senate took to his Facebook page to react to calls by some Northern Youths for Igbos residing in the region to leave on or before October 1st.
"No region or any ethnic group has the right to eject or instigate an ejection of other ethnic group.This is a republic that has come to stay.In the past it overcame secession,ethnic and religious violence and shall always outlive those promoting it" - he wrote


Amos Mohammed said...

God Bless you sir!!!

Joyous babe, Linda Ikeji FIrst Cousin said...

Don't mind those almagiris.

Pretty woman friend said...

I luv ds man. He knows what he's doing

Anonymous said...

The only senator I like always talking in line...nuel

ken christy said...

True Talk!

Anonymous said...

I'm 20yrs/F/Single and I'm from Kwara state, but I want to marry and Igbo man so I can move with them. To be honest they are the only people that makes sense in this country called Nigeria. When the igbos say biafar we are all quick to abuse and say we want to remain in Nigeria and they should go, but outside that we all say I tire for Nigeria,no light, no water, no security, dead infrastructure we can go on n to be honest do we like Nigeria the way it is? My guess is NO, so why get angry with people that say they don't like the system and want out?some are quick to say go, yes go leave lagos like lagos is their village. Those youruba shouting leave lagos don't you have a state? I have been to the south east and I can say one thing, no Igbo state is under developed go to onisha,oweri,aba and Enugu. So that makes me to ask why the anger? It took me back to bob marly's song( everybody is asking for peace,but no one is asking for justice) what I think they want is equal right and justice and that won't be easy to give them.

Like it or not that lagos we all talk about, they(igbos) make it happen from nolly wood to investment by the way most nolly wood moves is now getting closer to the east than lagos(asaba) I pick and Igbo man to stay with to an Hausa man any day any time. An Igbo man comes to your land start a business,build a house marry your ssister, eat you kind of food and speak your language. An house man comes to you land to shit on the street,ride Keke, sell suya,Mai ruwa, never rent a house but look for gate man work to do or look for an uncompletef building to stay in their dozens. They will never develop your land, they will marry a wife and keep her in their village, they don't buy anything from any one( av u ever seen an houseman buy clothes or food from a standard store?)they will never learn your language and will never marry from where they make money,cos they don't have value for their host.all the fighting in this country have never heard of an Igbo man killing anybody for religion nor tribe they just do business. We should learn to live as one. England,Scotland,Wales and Ireland together is called GREAT BRITIAN so why can't us all find a way to leave to get her and call it GREAT NIGERIA. If you guys don't want that then I'm ready to move with those of the future and not those that agree that Nigeria is sick and the whole world knows that but remain to keep doing things they have been doing for over 50yrs. Peope that rule us her older that the country, so how can they respect NIGERIA.

soul child said...

I dont trust anyone of you. Pls Google Taqiyya in Islam and make up ur mind

Anonymous said...

So why isn't anyone telling the biafran instigators to shut it? They said they wanted to go and the Hausas responded. If they want to go then they have to leave every part of Nigeria ... Lagos included

Emy said...

Anonymous 19:18, we mean what we say. we want Biafra. we dont care if u give the Igbos 2weeks to leave the North cos we are serious abt it. An as we are leaving the North, u Northerners are leaving SE & SS.

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