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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Neo Bubbles Entertainment & Kid Nurty debut new music for free streaming, listen & review

Kid Nurty writes;
Hi everyone, I am about to share a musical experience with you all. This journey started back in 2011 when I moved back to Nigeria from the UK, to pursue a career in Entertainment. I secured a spot in Lagos city where I built a recording studio and signed a few amazing artists to work with me in the studio.

We made a lot of records, including certifiable hits. Along the road it became difficult to continue because of unforeseen circumstances. Most being that I was always away from my young and beautiful family that had moved over to America.

Hence, I decided to pay attention and spend more time with my family watching my young daughter grow up. I delved into the job market in America which wasn’t easy as I picked up odd jobs and worked my way up to the level I am in today that befits a Business IT graduate.

However, seeing my music genre Afrobeat grow today in America

( I have decided to let the world in to my studio back in Lagos by releasing one music album for FREE. There is no catch!

Every week I will release a song from the album that I have put together for release on July 7, 2017.

All I ask of you, my friends is to just download or stream these songs through the link I will provide to you and let me know your take on the songs and the album when it is released. I know I have friends and followers from different countries and continents, I promise you all that in as much as it is Afrobeat, I have fused other cultures in my sound to make a diverse album for the world to listen to and enjoy.

If you are a fan and listen to Afrobeats or even if you have never heard of it, I personally guarantee you that this album AFROBUBBLES is up there with other Afrobeat classics and will chart on any board.

So, why give it up for FREE?

The answer is very simple, I want to know if I am good enough to be in this entertainment industry, your views, comments, shares and likes to the songs and the album will help me to grow in this genre. I am very much open to both positive and negative feedback. Do not be scared or hesitate to speak your mind in the comment section.

Thank you.

Frank Iwuchukwu (Neo Bubbles Entertainment) 


Samuel Rabiu said...

You sound humble. I pray you get bigger,

Anonymous said...

Nice Tune!!! Girls can whine to the beats... Keep up the good work! You need some collabos too.
You are passionate and this key fact will drive you to success.

David Sunday said...


wasiu ahmed said...

nice tune..this should be the new wave! i love this sound, good piece of work

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