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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

NdaniTV's Officer Titus is back for another season

Everyone’s favorite law enforcer is back! Officer Titus returns for a third season on NdaniTV, and this time the comedy is three-fold, with Comedian Ebiye and Victor Uwaogu joining the cast for a hilarious season.
Officer Titus is produced by NdaniTV, with AMVCA nominee, Kelechi Udegbe as the lead protagonist. The new season shows us a different side of the troublesome law enforcement officer than we are used to and will feature popular Nollywood stars like Adunni Ade & others.
Officer Season 3 is coming soon to Ndani.TV

Officer Titus is an original NdaniTV series and is powered by GTBank.

See the official posters below:


Eddy Ogbunambala said...


ken christy said...


Agbomen said...

Omg!!! I luv officer Titus! Hilarious Officer Titus, Most times foolish Officer Titus. Can't wait.

Big Madam said...

Please bring back Skinny Girl in Transit!

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