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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Natures Gentle Touch Hair Institutes holds another Edition of its Natural Hair workshop

It was an exciting time for ‘Naturalistas’ in Lagos on Sunday the 4th of June 2017 at the Natural Hair workshop hosted by the Natures Gentle Touch Hair Institute.

Nigeria’s first and largest hair Institute, Natures Gentle Touch Hair Institute hosted another edition of its Natural Hair workshop with ‘Naturalistas’ in attendance.
This event featured a general discuss on Natural hair trends, how to care for it, maintenance and the politics of wearing natural hair in the workplace. In addition to this was a Q & A session where guests had the opportunity to ask the Institute’s lead Trichologist questions that border around how to take care of their natural hair. This session was a major eye-opener for guests present on appropriate Natural Hair care regime.

The workshop was created by the Institute to further live up to its vision of empowering individuals through education and knowledge sharing. It is a platform designed to support Nigerian women who choose to wear their natural hair, to meet other fellow ‘Naturalistas’, to commune and support one another on this journey of natural hair.
“The Nigerian Kinky natural hair is beautiful when it is well taken care of. On the flip side, it can be difficult to manage when you do not know what to do. Creating a platform for women to share their natural hair stories as well as gain knowledge from hair experts can make a huge difference in ensuring that this natural hair journey is smooth and enjoyable” said Anita Anosike, Brand Manager of Natures Gentle Touch
There will be an upcoming edition in the nearest future which will be open to more Nigerian women outside Lagos who are natural, transitioning to natural, and those with chemically-treated hair that are considering a journey into natural tresses.

The event ended with ended with a networking session.


NaijaDeltaBabe said...


... Merited happiness

Vivian Reginalds said...

Linda mkn money snc 2000
-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Anonymous said...

This peoples realxer that burnt my hair and didn't even relax

Anonymous said...

I beg to defer, I have known Natures Gentle Touch for over 5 years now. They used to come to my school. Not only was it painless, it relaxed my highly stubborn hair. I think you need to check your hair stylist.

DML said...

I have not experienced burns before whilst using Natures Gentle Touch Relaxer. I always have my hair done at their institute in VI. You might need to change your hair stylist.

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