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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Man's head and hand chopped off over land dispute in Delta State (graphic photo)

A man was killed in Delta State following a land dispute which escalated. For years, the Amai and Umuebu communities in Ndokwa West, Delta state, have been at loggerheads over a land. This dispute has now culminated in the death of a man in the most gruesome way.

According to a post shared by Austyne Emu, who is resident in Delta State, the corpse seen without a head and hands is one of the victims of the land dispute - a dispute which over the years has led to the death of many.

 The deceased, who is from Amai, was returning from his farm when he was allegedly attacked by armed youths around the Umuebu community.

What a sad way to go. 


Alloy Chikezie said...

How sad.

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Oscar said...

this is the reason why i hate this issue of buying rural lands or houses in rural

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areas. there is too many uncertainties about the ownership of the land.

samuel Ezebuchi said...

How evil can pple get cos of a mere piece of land?

Norby Nwa said...

The people of Ukwuani in Delta State are not known for violence.
their community leaders should not allow bad eggs to cause trouble in their land.

NaijaDeltaBabe said...

On top material things

... Merited happiness

Anonymous said...

Devil leaves in them

Anonymous said...

Very sad... Land that you'll die and live

Anonymous said...

Na wa, wickedness in the highest order

Anonymous said...

Lucifer in human form
God help us all

Anonymous said...

No man can create a human being, so no one has the right to take life. If you're in such act, desist now because the owner of man will surely require the blood from you.

daniel ubong said...

Just like that???very bad.

Anonymous said...

So sad.

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