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Saturday, 17 June 2017

Man commits suicide after three failed attempts in Zimbabwe

A 51-year-old Zimbabwean man from Gweru has finally taken his own life after surviving three other attempts.
The lifeless body of Matiamana John Muponde, a driving instructor was discovered by a passerby on Tuesday hanging from a tree in a bushy area at Hunde Fisher Farm near Mkoba 18 suburb.
Zim News reported that it was his fourth and successful attempt at committing suicide at the same location. Twice he was picked up while unconscious at the same spot.

On another occasion, a rope he had used to hang himself gave in.

According to the report, Muponde appeared to have a long-standing problem which refused to share with his family.

His brother, Mr. Panganati Muponde said they informed the police after the deceased went missing last week Monday.
‘His driving instructor’s papers had expired and he left home saying he was going to renew them and never came back until he was found hanging in a bushy area at Hunde Fisher farm on the outskirts of Mkoba 18. Funeral arrangement are underway,’ he said.


nony bright said...

Hmmm... Why not speak abt ur problem ...

Anonymous said...

Chai!! He going to hell

Anonymous said...

Imagine. That guy is a complete failure. He even failed at dying. If only he kept trying other things the way he has been trying to die I'm sure he would have made it.

Udolisa Ugochukwu said...

judgement next....

Imo Chinweizu said...

Person wey wan commit suicide go still do am no matter how dem stop am

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Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

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