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Monday, 12 June 2017

‘Major Mahama’s killers should be executed by firing squad - Retired Ghanaian captain, Budu Koomson

A retired Captain in the Ghanaian Army is calling for death penalty for the killers of slain military officer, Major Maxwell Mahama who was lynched by a mob at Denkyira Obuasi, the Central Region of Ghana.
Captain Budu Koomson (rtd) believes the execution of the perpetrators will send a strict message to people against mob injustice.
In an interview with Adom News, Koomson said the ceremony to honour the fallen soldier will be a faze if those involved don’t face the full rigorous of the law.
“We’ve atoned ourselves; we’ve told God, Maxwell and ourselves that we are sorry so a swift investigations investigation of what happened, trial and the consequences applied.
“If they are found guilty, the extreme punishment allowed should be given and if the death penalty is still in our status books and they [suspects] qualify for death, let us execute them by firing squad.
According to police reports, 52 suspects, including eight women have been remanded in police custody following the gruesome murder of Major Maxwell Adam Mahama, who was buried last week.


obiora said...

RIP to the dead!

Heather said...

when soldiers kill innocent civilians do they do the same? if yes, then the people that lynched the soldier needs to face the death penalty so that Ghanaians can get the message.

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Archie said...

This guy killed himself....don't blame d residents because he was seen jugging with a pistol on his waist and had nothing to indicate he was a military personnel....

Anonymous said...

They should be executed if found guilty to serve as a stern warning to those people that derive pleasure in killing their fellow human beings in the name of jungle justice this kind of investigations should also Be carried out in Nigeria anytime there's a case like this so that this lynching thing will stop people just open their eyes and call murder justice

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