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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Lekan Fatodu comes for Sahara Reporter's Sowore

Remember Lekan Fatodu? He's the he Nigerian journalist who got Sahara Reporters publisher, Omoyele Sowore arrested back in January.

In a new post on his Facebook page, Fatodu called out Sowore claiming he demanded 100million naira bribe from him. He went on to narrate how he donated money for the burial of Sowore's dad in 2005 and how he funded his honeymoon back in 2004. Read his full piece and see screenshots of his alleged chats with Sowore after the cut...

Country of contradictions - It's only in NIGERIA that a NOTORIOUS BLACKMAILER will be FRUSTRATED that a WRONGDOER is not doing the RIGHT THING. Just imagine, SOWORE is FRUSTRATED that SARAKI is free from his trial - a curious case of a POT calling a KETTLE BLACK.
Can SOWORE SWEAR on his late father’s grave; MR . DAVID OMOREMILEKUN SOWORE, who died in 2005, and whose FUNERAL I contributed the HIGHEST MONEY to so SOWORE, being the FIRST CHILD, could be able to bury his father; that he didn’t demand a BRIBE from me?

Yet, with all I did for SOWORE OMOYELE for over 20yrs, including FUNDING the “Honeymoon” of he and his wife in 2004 in Nigeria (when SOWORE first came with the Naija lady in America to Nigeria), SOWORE still THREATENED and BLACKMAILED me with malicious FAKE NEWS because I didn’t succumb to his demand of 100 Million Naira from the fictitious N500 Million which he LIED that I collected from the NSA money .

SOWORE still THREATENED me over the PHONE that the EFCC was after me that he only BEGGED THEM to CALM DOWN that we were friends and that I should respond to his DEMAND (the 100 Million Naira) quickly so the EFCC wouldn't pick me up. Even though I told him that I was ready to face the EFCC, SOWORE was still persistent with his callous DEMAND.

I’ve given some of these evidences to the Police and MR. FEMI FALANA (SAN) whose name SOWORE was dropping when I got him ARRESTED in JANUARY (HIS 1ST ARREST SINCE HE STARTED HIS SAHAREPORTERS).

Interestingly, I ran into MR. FEMI FALANA at the Transcorp Hilton in Abuja, when I landed in Abuja last week. I will give more details on this brief encounter with MR. FALANA in subsequent posts.

In the meantime, I BEG YOU ALL to READ THESE WHATSAPP CHATS between MYSELF & SOWORE and PLEASE make your conclusion with AN OPEN MIND & SINCERITY OF PURPOSE. (It's one of the chats including phone conversations that we both had before & after Sowore published the negative story. Even at that I was only expecting him to APOLOGIZE. I guess that's too big for his overrated internet presence. But see how God shamed him & made me to arrest him in January)


But I am not backing down on my CASE with SOWORE and I am going to USE this BITTER-SWEET experience to RAISE AWARENESS ON THE DANGER OF FAKE NEWS, BLACKMAILING & CYBERBULLYING. God bless you all!

Lest I forget to those who have judged that I'm being used by some powerful names to fight Sowore ( as Sowore has been claiming to cover this monumental shame) , you are forgiven & may God free you from the bondage of the pathological LIAR.


Clever Man said...

So how does this WhatsApp conversation shows is Sahara reporter CEO that chat with him, they are many app one can use to create WhatsApp fake chat conversation.

abisoye ologbenla said...

All of them are bunch of thieves abeg

Anonymous said...

Is the convo over, abi my device no load the full convo?? Hope this chap is not trying to use an innocent decent convo the negative way?

Gideon Okorie said...

Greetings from Gidokblog

Manuel Kunmi said...

I hear ooo

Anonymous said...

Linda this guy has not shown us anything to prove that Sowore demanded 100m frm him... to me he is fake. Looking at him self he does not look like he has 10m not to talk of 100m. More like 100k. 2nd base jare. Shioo

Kelvin said...

sowore has always been into blackmail so of course the claims are believable. the

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whole dino melaye thing is just an avenue to ask for money from the man who is tinubu's servant.

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Anonymous said...

Pls how on earth is this conversation implicating.
"I hope you do what is right as promised" - it could means do what you are been accused of.

Sowore managed to reply your convo on WhatsApp you are bringing ur online to indict him,

Anonymous said...

So asking someone to do what is right is now asking for a bribe. Shior

Anonymous said...

Sowore is a criminally minded extortionist. He and his boyfriend Rotimi Amaechi.


I knew this guy was stupid, but didn't know he was dysfunctional... What's incriminating in this chat now... It cud be sowore asking him to return the money to efcc

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to go tribal on this one but indulge me. This guy's story is typical Yoruba style. They start a seemingly innocent conversation with you and end up using it against you. Young lady man Sowore may be what you claim but on this one he beat you to it as there is nothing incriminating in his response.
My point is this; Beware of Yorubas

khadosky said...

Most of you are blaming Lekan. Well it shows you are not being critical in your analysis. Did Sowore denied these allegations. Oh no he did not or has not. Who do we blame? Two main characteristics of a journalist/reporter is to be fair and balance in reporting. Why did Linda not get the Sowore's angle on this before publishing. This kind of report is unjust and Lekan is not to be blamed but LindaIkeji. There is more to Journalism than blogging and rwitting rubbish. Proper investigation need to be done in matters like this in order not to cause choas in the society. Please linda try and update by giving us the other angle. Then people can draw conclusions. Thank you.

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