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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

June 12 Nationwide Topless March

This is to inform all Angry, Vexed, Frustrated, and Genuinely Concerned Nigerians that on Monday, 12 June 2017, the OurMumuDonDo movement will hold a Nationwide Topless March to protest the despicable state of living of the common man and the indifference of political leaders to the quandary of the common man.
This protest will be hinged on a vociferous and vigorous demand for Fulfillment of Campaign Promises, Creation of Jobs for unemployed youths, and Increment in Minimum Wage for the proletariats.

The main March will hold in Lagos State and will start by 8:00 AM from the Third Mainland Bridge. Male participants at the protest are expected to appear topless with inscriptions of their most dreadful predicament as it relates to the three major demands for this mass action on their placards or chest. Female participants are not allowed to participate bare-chested but can participate by hoisting placards with inscriptions of their most dreadful predicament.


The quality of life of the Nigerian peoples has been demoted to a pitiable and decrepit state by criminal politicians and insatiable looters of the wealth of the common man. The shared humanity of the Nigerian peoples has been eternally ridiculed by national miscreants in positions of power. The thieving class in power has denied the Nigerian peoples of quality life through their endless plundering of national wealth. We know our silence has enabled corruption and impunity in governance but we will no longer sit and watch while our lives and future is looted by the sons and daughters of Jezebel in power.

Countless generations have passed and all promises by political scammers to better the lives of all suffering Nigerians have come to naught. We now know that the thieving politicians in power are the enemies of the common man. It has dawned on us that our future cannot be saved by the old men in power. We will no longer be deceived by the religious and tribal schisms of political monsters claiming to be leaders. The time to fight for the survival of the suffering man and woman in Nigeria has arrived. There shall be no going back because every suffering Nigerian must speak up this time.

We, the suffering and disenchanted peoples of Nigeria, must catalyze the end of the prolonged era of gerontocracy with audacious looting and criminality. We must catalyze the end of the prolonged era of propaganda with no positive result in governance and the life of the common man.

This battle is a battle between good and evil; a battle between the oppressors and the oppressed; a battle between the forgotten men and women in the slums who cannot afford one meal per day and the voraciously greedy looters looting mindlessly in positions of power; it is a battle between the struggling shoemakers on the streets and the seemingly untouchable politicians in Agbada riding ostentatiously in their criminally acquired fleet of exotic cars.

On Monday, June 12, all suffering Nigerians must flood the streets to express their anger and frustrations; all suffering Nigerians must flood the streets to speak against the insatiable looters in our nation; all suffering Nigerians must flood the streets to demand freedom and prosperity for our nation.

This is a symbolic march; the first of its kind in Nigeria, one which will typify the current abysmal state of life of the common man; it is a march by the suffering peoples which will be completely owned by the suffering peoples. The era of sitting and doing nothing has passed. Before we all die of hunger, we will flood the streets and demand good governance. Before we all die in perpetual penury and discomfort impressed on us by the thieving and looting political oppressors, we will march to express our discomfort and fight against our common enemy.

We will fight because we must. We will not be deterred because our lives are no more secured. We will win because failure is not an option. Our goal is a country where quality life is assured for the common man.

We must collectively and defiantly say that enough is enough! Enough of the failed promises and oppressive rule. Enough of seeing the same faces with no changes. Enough of glorifying criminality and demonizing nationalism. The time to fight for the survival of the suffering man and woman in Nigeria has arrived. There shall be no going back because every suffering Nigerian must speak up this time.

Adebayo Raphael
Publicity Secretary, OurMumuDonDo

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Anonymous said...

In this country of traitors.....it won't even live to see the light of day

Anonymous said...

I'm 20yrs/F/Single and I'm from Kwara state, but I want to marry and Igbo man so I can move with them. To be honest they are the only people that makes sense in this country called Nigeria. When the igbos say biafar we are all quick to abuse and say we want to remain in Nigeria and they should go, but outside that we all say I tire for Nigeria,no light, no water, no security, dead infrastructure we can go on n on.so to be honest do we like Nigeria the way it is? My guess is NO, so why get angry with people that say they don't like the system and want out?some are quick to say go, yes go leave lagos like lagos is their village. Those youruba shouting leave lagos don't you have a state? I have been to the south east and I can say one thing, no Igbo state is under developed go to onisha,oweri,aba and Enugu. So that makes me to ask why the anger? It took me back to bob marly's song( everybody is asking for peace,but no one is asking for justice) what I think they want is equal right and justice and that won't be easy to give them.

Like it or not that lagos we all talk about, they(igbos) make it happen from nolly wood to investment by the way most nolly wood moves is now getting closer to the east than lagos(asaba) I pick and Igbo man to stay with to an Hausa man any day any time. An Igbo man comes to your land start a business,build a house marry your ssister, eat you kind of food and speak your language. An house man comes to you land to shit on the street,ride Keke, sell suya,Mai ruwa, never rent a house but look for gate man work to do or look for an uncompletef building to stay in their dozens. They will never develop your land, they will marry a wife and keep her in their village, they don't buy anything from any one( av u ever seen an houseman buy clothes or food from a standard store?)they will never learn your language and will never marry from where they make money,cos they don't have value for their host.all the fighting in this country have never heard of an Igbo man killing anybody for religion nor tribe they just do business. We should learn to live as one. England,Scotland,Wales and Ireland together is called GREAT BRITIAN so why can't us all find a way to leave to get her and call it GREAT NIGERIA. If you guys don't want that then I'm ready to move with those of the future and not those that agree that Nigeria is sick and the whole world knows that but remain to keep doing things they have been doing for over 50yrs. Peope that rule us her older that the country, so how can they respect NIGERIA.

NaijaDeltaBabe said...

Them need to tell females not to come barechested? Lol

... Merited happiness

Anonymous said...

Funny enough. The people I pity in all of this are the minorities in the north. I saw a comment if someone that said he is from kaduna and a Christian and if the hausas start killing Igbo he will join and I laughed.. I laughed so hard. The same you that this same hausas have been killing since this year. Every day we hear news about how you have been butchered?? And am like se owa okay ni??

The killings of other minority in other northern state nko? The one happening in maiduguri nko?? I pity you the minorities the most. Because paradventure what this people are seeing for materializes, then the next people to face are you the minorities and you will be cleared without anyone blinking. Because the Yorubas will say they are killing themselves not knowing they are finishing themselves. I'm sure some people don't know chibok is a Christian town.

The best is to coexist happily. In as much as there are people who want to separate, try and coexist. If it's not working then a referendum should be done and the igbos leave peacefully. Yes, there can be a peaceful exist. You are shouting igbos go, go to your land. If the igbos go to their land and call their place biafra, next thing the federal government will come with their machineries for war. So if they want to go, do it peacefully. When they leave, they shoukd seek for visas to come into Nigeria. Anyone who wants to live in Nigeria will be there as a foreigner..

The thing is no one owns any where in Nigeria. Every where belongs to everyone. That's why it's Nigeria. Just the same way someone from Texas can do anyhow in Miami. They all own America. And not one tribe

Today, I now know whixh people have more hatred in their heart. I use to think the igbos have so much hatred for other tribes but today I know better r. Hence forth I'll watch my steps.


In this unbelievable country...

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Tina said...

Buhari has failed woefully
He should resign already
Let the vice takeover
Nigeria is diminishing
No progress
Shame in our politicians
Empty promises all the time

Shantelle said...

President buhari are u still in London? Abeg help me buy London teaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ this is the first president that rules from abroadπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Anonymous said...

Yes!! I support this movement!! I will definitely be there......in spirit

Anonymous said...

Apc are scammers...mtchweeeew

See how the 2017 budget was padded said...

Abi ooo... Tell them

Anonymous said...

You so called "Mumus", so you think that govt will pay you to cancel your protest. You are so hopeless that you have to come to Linda's blog to advertise. Go on with your protest and let's see if you won't get beaten and arrested. Fools!

Free Leaks said...



Emma said...

The youth of this country need to understand that protests will not get them what they want. Let them form a political party now and begin grassroot mobilization, 2 years to election. If they can't clinch the presidency, let them at least take some gubernatorial seats, national assembly seats etc and continue to mobilize. All these on and off protests are not productive in a nation as deeply divided and impoverished like Nigeria. Nobody wan die o. Let them call it whatever name, if they like, let them call it OMDD Party. Just have a grassroot movement now. ^ months to election will be too late. My 2 cents.

Chris Obaze said...

Protest starts from Third Mainland Bridge? I hope it's not an easy avenue for people to assess the lagoon and jump as usual? I don talk my own.

Andrewski Ahmadov said...

Linda, did topless march, na men only, abi women go follow join???

Abayomi Biobaku said...

Nice one from u guyz let we youth stand up for our right in this country called Nigeria

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to gender equality? Why men topless and women not remember what a man can do a woman they say can do better. So everybody topless or no march

Maximum Grade said...

It will be more interesting if men and women can come out topless. After all South Africa dey do am.

Anonymous said...

Good talk and how I wish I will come across you believe me I will propose to you. Anuty Linda hook her up for me plz.

Anonymous said...

If you are a christain read the parable of the talents given to servants by the master, why did the master punish the one who did nothing with his talent despite the fact he gave him the smallest??
My point where are we moving to?? Aba?? Onitsha or where? I would leave my comfortable lagos and say i would move back to dirty abia state??
Dont we have governors in the east who do absolutely nothing!!! Biko biafra would be 10 times worse than nigeria as far as i am concerned because we have one of the worst leaders, charity begins at home!! If you can not clean your immediate surrounding and state how would you manage a country?

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