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Friday, 9 June 2017

How I started Cultivating 200Acres of land in Eruwa with an initial capital of 20k

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Good day, 3 years ago after graduating from school, I never knew life has good surprises for me down the line. After looking for a job for a while, I went to see my Grand mum who’s averagely rich but has never been to school to advise me on what I can do about my financial situation.
She advised me that it's better I go for business. In her words (in Yoruba), she said "Ise re, omoalase je, owo re, omo alasela" which simply means that profit is better than wages. Profit will give you a fortune while wages will just give a normal living.

I started Fish farming with the little savings I had but at the end of the day, I made a loss. In summary, the number of fish harvested was far less than the amount stocked. What happened to the other fishes, I have no idea.

I started looking for other business opportunities but all seems to require huge capital which I don’t have and there’s no one to assist. One beautiful morning, early last year, Feb 10 to be precise, I stumbled across online what happened to be a financial game changer for me. I have never been a believer of online stuffs probably because like so many people, I don’t know how it works.

I started with the little capital #20,000 I had with me and with good mentoring from my mentor - Mr Precious, I started reaping in good amount of money needed to build a multi-million-naira Agriculture business. I decided to share this info for free for those interested, facing one financial challenge or the other, or those probably interested in changing their financial status.

Kindly visit to know more about this life changing financial opportunity. Kindly be ready to follow my advice for some time until you fully understand how it works and be on the safe side. Thanks and GOD bless.

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VIvian Oranya said...

Just teaches you ao to make profits through ponzi schemes...are people not tired of defrauding innocent people

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