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Monday, 19 June 2017

How I shot a Policeman, killed two cult rivals in Lagos- Suspect

Nurudeen Kazeem, the alleged robbery suspect, who was last week arrested by the operatives of Rapid Response Squad of the Lagos State Police Command over the shooting of RRS  police officer in LASU – Igando area, has confessed that he honed his shooting skills as a cultist.
Nurudeen popularly known as “Onyabo”, 27, a trained tailor turned okada rider, was arrested last week by the Rapid Response Squad Decoy Team in connection with the shooting of an RRS officer investigating chains of robbery cases in LASU – Iba/Igando area.
Nurudeen had shot the officer in the leg while trying to dispossess a delivery man of some expensive phones one of the gang members had ordered online for delivery at a specific address around LASU – Iba Road.
Onyabo, while confessing to the police stated that he shot the officer twice in the leg to avoid arrest. 

 He added that he was trained to kill by cult members after his initiation into Eiye Confraternity.
“I have killed two people in the past. One was to complement my initiation into Eiye Confraternity.
I was led to a beer parlour in LASU – Iyana Iba axis, where I was showed a man to kill. I shot the guy there and I escaped. 
I killed another guy after shooting at him, I also macheted the victim who was a member of an “Aiye” confraternity in LASU/Iyana Iba area”, he explained.
He stated further:
“I and a friend of mine were forcefully initiated into Eiye Confraternity. We were asked by some guys to use our okada to take them to a naming ceremony. 
Those guys changed the route after bringing out guns to scare us and led us into a bush where other innocent guys were to be initiated into the confraternity. 
In the bush, they beat us mercilessly. That was how we were initiated. Since then, they armed me with gun and cartridges to kill people, particularly, rival cult members. It was while doing this that I was invited into robbery by Cali (Wilfred Ehis),” he disclosed.
He added:
“He invited me to assist him in collecting phones from delivery men. He ordered the phone online, give them the delivery address and we ambush the delivery men and collect the phones at gun point.”
Wilfred Ehis, 30, was re – arrested by the operatives after the arrest of Nurudeen.

 According to investigations, he had been the brain behind several robberies in LASU – Iyana – Iba and Igando. 

Sources revealed that Ehis lodged and his gang members lodged in different hotels around the area. 

Ehis, from whom a short gun was also recovered sometimes in April, 2017 in company of three other accomplices had confessed to the police that he hired Nurudeen Kazeem to help him rob delivery men of online shopped phones. 

According to Nurudeen:
“I have done this three times for Cali. I took the phones to him in his hotels, where he stayed. The first operation, he gave me N60,000. The second, he gave me N50,000 and the third, N45,000. The fourth one was the one I shot the police officer.
I never knew he was a police officer.”
Arrested along with Kazeem were: Yusuph Bello, 33, the gang’s armourer from whom two guns and machetes were recovered, and Sunday Hassan, 26, the gang’s bike rider.

All the suspects have been transferred to the SARS office in Ikeja for further investigation.


Anonymous said...

I encourage the police to collect useful information from this guys to eradicate all the cultists that they can. Cultisim is destroying our youths. It is not good. It never ends well for any cultist. How would you spend all your time killing people and taking what you didnt work for.

Very soon, some companies will stop all these deliveries, which will indicate a backward movemet for Nigeria. The other day, someone was stealing the cables used to build the train if i remeber correctly. It is not good.

Anonymous said...

Say no to cultism, same phone theyll start flaunting. Anyways, Hey guys, I saw this video online, somewhere in the North where some guys were raping a girl and everyone was watching click here to watch the video lets make this viral till the government intervene.

donald said...

Thank God you met your waterloo
Iku okuko obi
(Appeasing the souls of dead parents) is a cultural practice in igbo land. Dont say tufiakwa
find out how it is done and when it is done.

Anonymous said...

Behold he is Yoruba!!!

Anonymous said...

1 gold circle would have saved is from you. You are worse than Linda's editor

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Joyousbabe said...

May God have mercy on u guys. End time robbers, killers, kidnappers, assassins etc of doom. Wasting lives u didn't make. Yes things are hard, but this is not the way Nigerian youths. God will not allow u guys to see his children

Paul Matthew said...

Why not kill these guys and let peace rain

shade(LIE V TRUTH) said...

Only university students used to be cultists, but nowadays they are everywhere. May God protect us from evil people

tope said...

Shut up!!, name 5 yorubas or other tribes in crime and I will name 50000 Igbo's. Bunch of criminals.

frank said...

Kill them asap BC all cultists are killers

princess A(READ PEOPLE NOT MEDIA) said...

No peace for the wicked

Anonymous said...


Victor Chi Chi said...

Omo see wahala oooooo

Anonymous said...

whats ur problem with d tribe d person hail from, u r a big fool for pointing dat stinking fingers

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