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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Graphic: Trailer crushes Keke NAPEP driver to death in Imo

A yet to be identified driver of a tricycle, popularly known as Keke NAPEP, has lost his life after a truck driver, in an attempt to evade harassment from some touts, rammed into his tricycle and crushed him at the Owerri-Port Harcourt Road, just before the Nigeria Union of Journalists’ office in Imo state on Tuesday June 13th.
According to reports, the truck driver was trying to evade harassment from some touts said to be employed by the state's Environmental Transformation Commission when he lost control and rammed into the tricycle, crushing the driver to death.

Angry colleagues of the Keke NAPEP driver, staged a protest at the state Enivironmental Transformation Commission and attempted to burn the office down but were however prevented by the security agents attached to the office premises.
The drivers then barricaded the busy Ab-Owerri expressway to show their anger. The driver of the truck as well as the touts fled the scene immediately after the accident happened. The remains of the deceased has been deposited at the state morgue.


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Enter your comment...God ve Mercy

Afribankonline said...

Just remembered the owerri girls 2004 incident, exactly like this and same pH road. The driver was running away from touts along control area and ran into students waiting for the poverty alleviation free bus. If i can recall 5 or more students lost their lives.

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