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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Female police officer's husband caught on tape strangling a Mexican man to death while people watched and tried to stop it being filmed (video)

A Mexican man was strangled to death by the husband of a Harris County sheriff's deputy and the female officer supervised the killing. A new mobile phone footage released on Monday captured the entire gory incident as it plays out. The incident happened on May 28th outside of Denny's restaurant

The clip shows 24-year-old John Hernandez filming while Terry Thompson, 41, lay on top of him and maintained a firm grip round his neck. This happened last month at a Denny's restaurant and no one did anything to help the struggling man as he gasped for breath. A woman can be heard in the footage scolding people who tried to record the assault.

"Why are you recording?" she asked, moving close to the person trying to capture the scene. "Stop. No, stop."

Another man joined her in challenging the person with the phone and threatened that the videographer would go to jail if they continue. All the while this was going on, Hernandez lay fighting for his life. Many unidentified people tried to block the camera man's view and told him that it was illegal to record a fight. Hernandez died after being removed from life support a few days after the May 28 fight outside the east Harris County eatery.

Attorneys representing Hernandez and criminal law experts say the video provides enough probable cause evidence to arrest and charge TerryThompson for his role in Hernandez’s. death. Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez confirmed that the deputy, Shauna Thompson, had been removed from patrol duties following the altercation. Hernandez's death has been ruled a homicide. The ruling came as the family and friends of the dead man gathered Tuesday afternoon demanding the arrest of Thompson and her husband.

The attack had started shortly after Thompson and his children had pulled into the Denny's parking lot in the 17700 block of the Crosby Freeway in east Harris County. Soon after they arrived, Thompson allegedly saw  Hernandez urinating in public so he reportedly confronted him and a fight ensued. Thompson's wife, later arrived in a separate vehicle to meet her family at the restaurant and when she saw the fight, she called for assistance from the sheriff's office and emergency medical services as she watched her husband strangle Hernandez.

The couple only stopped when they realized the man was no longer breathing. The officer tried to administer CPR but failed. Hernandez was taken to the hospital where he died 3 days later.

Hernandez’s doctor told family members he died as a result of strangulation

See the video below...


Eddy Ogbunambala said...


NaijaDeltaBabe said...


... Merited happiness

Anonymous said...

White people are devils..possessed souls

Dupsy B said...

People don't value life anymore. What a pity. Oh God what's this? I'm Weeping o. RIP son. E

Anonymous said...

U.S of A....the land of the free indeed!
Atimes one wonders who is more evil between the terrorists who terrifies them or they the "ALLEGED VICTIMS" of terrorism.
Why do much hate in the world?

Anonymous said...

Don't see me atching d video.. White smh..!

Anonymous said...

useless generation no one could even help all they did was stand film and watch fuckery!

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Sherly said...

as long as a police officer was involved in the alteration it is likely that the family would not get justice, it is better for the deceased family to just order a hit on police officer and her husband.

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Anonymous said...

The people recording did more than everyone else. At least his death will not go unpunished. The killer is the husband of the police officer supervising the murder, if anyone tried to intervene, they'd probaby get shot. Minorities get killed for less

Agbomen said...

I hope they pay dearly for this murder or manslaughter, whatever. Criminals.

Anonymous said...

While the white people are doing this with the blacks,every other race ignored it and nobody condemned it because they hate black people. Now it is extending to other races. Whites are now strangling non white person in broad daylight and their fellow white people are Just filming it instead of helping the dying man. Just like what is happening in Nigeria. The Igbos are being marginalized, and some tribes are happy about it and cursing the Igbos, they don't want to conndemn it. Soon and very soon, it will escalate and every other tribe apart from Hausa will be treated like a second class. Mark my words, whatewhatever evil you condone, will sure be your portion

Anonymous said...

This is a lynching! No less

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