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Monday, 12 June 2017

Fayose condemns Northern Youths ultimatum to Igbos to leave north

Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose has condemned the ultimatum given by some Northern youths to the Igbos living in the North to leave the region, saying;"such reckless pronouncement could only come from a group of irresponsible and jobless youths."

Special Assistant to the governor on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka said in a statement issued on Sunday, that the governor chided the Northern youths for making such pronouncement at a time Nigerians needed to join hands together for the development of the nation.
Governor Fayose, who also  condemned the Northern elders who openly endorsed the action of the youths, appealed to the Igbo people of the Southeast to remain calm even in the face of provocation, noting that "Nigeria is greater than any set of people."

The governor, who lamented that Nigeria was now more divided than ever before, said;
"Rather than giving open support to the youths, the northern elders should have supported the Northern States governors in condemning the youths and calling for their arrest." 
He chided the All Progressives Congress (APC) led federal government on it's inability to foster unity among Nigerians, citing the handling of the Fulani herdsmen menace as a pointer to the federal government's non-chalant attitude to serious national issues bordering on the oneness of the country.
"I have said it times without number that Nigeria is now more divided than ever in the last two years.

"The APC led administration has allowed this country to fall apart. Have you ever seen a country where the president will openly categorize its citizens' access to government patronage into 97 percent of those who voted for him and five percent of those who didn't?
"It is for unguarded utterances and actions like these that our unity as a country is no longer like before", Fayose submitted.
He advised the President and his henchmen to live up to expectations and ensure a more united Nigeria in order to avoid an embattled future for the unborn children.

Fayose said, "we must go back and chart a way forward. We must talk on how we want to live together. Nigeria is drifting and it is not in our interest."


Anonymous said...


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It's governor there...

Victor A. Ajah said...

Well spoken bro. Ayo.

Anonymous said...

The only good man in Nigerian politics. Detribalised man. When North finally leaves the south, Fayose will be the first President of the South.

Abdullahi Mohammed said...

Shut the duck up what was your declaration about the Fulani herdsmen now you're playing Mr good no one needs your advice your day of reckoning is fast approaching dwell on that and let's work out this problem ourselves if you think your role as mediator will do you any good you're mistaken have a very horrible day

tomstar said...

Am not happy about this. But as a igbos will have no choice to go back home and start developing our home, sea port, schools and more.... It very clear that someday this country will divide.... igbo, yuroba and hausa should stop pretending like all is Well. Northerners sentiment is too much... will have see countries that divided without bloodshed and war, Will can handle or go our separate ways in a diplomatic way. UK pull out from EU without war and fighting each other and Soivet as well. A yuroba man also want to go his way but scared to speak out. so they want to use igbo man head to break coconut b4 they will come for they freedom as well. Anybody can live or have properties anywhere in the world what matters is the tax.

Anonymous said...

Good talk

Anonymous said...

Good talk

Anonymous said...

Buhari is an idiot!!!

Edward said...

t very clear that someday this country will divide.... igbo, yuroba and hausa should stop pretending like all is Well. Northerners sentiment is too much... will have see countries that divided without bloodshed.

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Anonymous said...

Basket mouth face the problem in your state the only state with scarcity of fuel...Is not a bad thing to tell you to go home never a crime...nuel

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Andre Cooper said...

(Read Carefully)

I am Umaru Dikko Haruna from Katsina, Northern Nigeria.
With tears and heartbreak that I’m typing this letter to the ibos, because 90% of my friends are ibos and I live my life in the
mist of ibos which I enjoyed to its fullest. The ibos are most friendly, peaceful, loving, accomodating, caring, God fearing and
most of all industrious people and that makes them economically viable is Nigeria.

The blood shading Fulanis are hear 2 slaughter u again and if u believe u are more brave than them, then Its time 2 unite
yourselves as one Igbo blood and fight (armless) a just and intelligent fight. It’s time to love yourselves.
Time to match peacefully to achieve Freedom.
Time to pray together to achieve a common goal.
Arewa youths has ordered you to leave the north peacefully b4 October 1st and it’s not a joke.
prepare yourselves ahead of this deadline because my people have concluded in their meeting before using Arewa youth forum
as a channel for the broadcast. The Nigeria gov’t cannot protect you when they come with these planned violent attack.
If u ask yourselves this few questions:
1.why was the broadcast made in Kaduna and not in any other northern state?
2.Why the crises in southern Kaduna focuses on killing Christians?
3. Why is Kaduna state Governor fighting a general Oversea of Omega fire ministry?
4. Has anyone signatory to the statement been arrested as ordered by Gov. El-Rufai?
5. What has Olusegun Obasanjo, IBB, Gowon, Buhari, Soyinka and the likes said about this quit notice?
6. What action has South/Eastern Governors taken to address this issue for national interest?
7. Why has Deputy senate president been intimidated as the eye of the Ibo people?
8. Why do the bill to establish south East development commission failed in the lower chamber of the national assembly?
9. Do your asset in northern Nigeria worth your life and that of your family?
10. Why do this government not having any Ibo man as a service chief?
11. Why do Nnamdi Kanu and Ipob keep agitating for Biafra freedom? Or u think the young man is insane?

It’s time to go back home, support your agitation for freedom nd develop your places. The government is for the North and west
and they are their brothers keepers.
Iam calling on all Igbos in the northern Nigeria to prepare and go home, Biafra if achieved will be better than Dubai, South
Africa, Uruguay etc in less than 5yrs because of your industrial skills.

The Hausas are neither your friend nor your brothers. To kill is their work nd u’ve always been their target.
You have your homes nd shall do better in your various places in Biafra land leaving Northern/western Nigeria to sink.
This is what your brother Ojukwu saw in 1960’s and call for secession.
I am from the north (a muslim) and am not suppose to say this but for God’s sake the bloodshed will be much if u dont act fast
nd this time ibos will suffer more. My people have concluded and after the Ramadan fast you shall see it coming bite by bite. I
thank Almighty Allah that a notice was given just as landlords give notice to his tenant before taken actions, act fast. I LOVE you people so much and wish u achieve Biafra urgently Insha Allah.
Share this piece as u recieve to your brothers in the north.

God bless Biafra.

Anonymous said...

Stop dragging Yorubas into your so called struggle.
Yorubas are patriotic Nigerians and yes anyone can live anywhere provided they are not traitors or trying to break up their host country. So if you say you want to leave Nigeria due to your agitation then people won't be able to trust you and would feel safer if you don't live close to them... Go figure

Anonymous said...

De best governor in de whole world..i luv u so much. U are a man of truth and honest..de allimight God Will keep on blessing u and ur family.

Anonymous said...

God bless you. Your unique

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