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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Ex-naval officer, Chief Moses Akanni Famuyiwa brutally murdered in Ogun State

Retired naval officer, Chief Moses Akanni Famuyiwa, popularly called MAF 44, was brutally murdered by unknown assailants in Ogun State in the early hours of yesterday, Wednesday, June 14.
The 73-year-old Chief Executive Officer of MAF 44 Gardens and Event centre, Arigbajo, Ogun State was stabbed on the vein in his left elbow, by the assailants before fleeing the scene.
It was gathered that the room where he was murdered was like a slaughter slab, as the bed-sheets, pillows, rug and the tiles were stained with blood, an indication that he battled with the attackers.

There were, however, two sides to the story. While some claimed it was a robbery incident that went haywire, others said it was a case of assassination, as the assailants came with the mindset of killing him, The Guardian reports. 
The wife, Mrs Opeyemi Akintanmide Famuyiwa, who was with him when the incident happened, narrated to The Guardian that the murderers, numbering three invaded the house around 5:00a.m. when the guards had left their post.

They immediately entered the room through the window and went straight for the deceased who was on the bed with her. She disclosed that they pounced on him, but he struggled with them for long. They later over-powered him and used a broken bottle nearby to stab him on the elbow vein, where he bled profusely, noting that they took their time to ensure he wasted much blood before they left the scene.
"Immediately they left, I tied cloth around the wound to stop the blood, before I shouted for help. They didn’t go with any of his belongings; they only went with my phone and handbag, containing my identity card, driver’s licence, two Automated Teller Machine cards (ATMs) and other valuables.
“They didn’t touch his expensive phone lying beside him. God should expose the killers, they must not go free,” she pleaded.
One of his sons, Segun Famuyiwa, told The Guardian that immediately his mother raised the alarm, which they heard in the main house, he rushed down to the scene and took him to a private hospital in Ifo, as he was still breathing at that time, but he was rejected. It was while he was being taken to another hospital that he gave up the ghost.

Meanwhile, men of the Nigerian Police Force, Ewekoro Command, led by their Divisional Police Officer (DPO) and an official of the Directorate of Security Services (DSS) later recovered the empty stolen bag.

The DPO who confirmed that the stolen bag was recovered, said the deceased’s wife will be taken to their station for further interrogation, as she cannot immediately give them any information because of the trauma of the incident.
“We are going to beef up security around here, more men would be brought in, to patrol this area".
Source: The Guardian


hrm paul said...

What a brave man wen he was struggling with them y didn't d wife raise alarm to alert people

Anonymous said...

Na wa o! Wetin 73 year old man do dem again?

Kari said...

why would these people go and kill a man in his 70s? what do they want to get from the

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man, he is already retired so it is obvious that he doesn't have money to waste.

Anonymous said...

Was the wife tied to a stake while she watched her husband struggling with them? Why would she not sneak out and called their sons/children in the same building? I cannot understand this scenario. Strangers invaded a home, went straight to where husband and wife are lying together on bed. Pounced on her husband and she never raised alarm but kept watching the drama. BULSHIT! Let the police get her to tell the public more. 'That she was tied at a stake' and thats why she could not make noise. The assassins were not armed with a gun, but found a bottle in their room. Something 'more-than-meet-the-eye'. Abegi!

uniquechic said...

oh my God....y do hospitals reject emergency cases....ds is sooo sad...he could have been patched up and saved with immediate help..
so sorry for ur loss ma..may God fish out ds ppl

Alloy Chikezie said...

How sad.

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Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

OSINANL said...


vigil said...

5 men came in,do you not think one must atleast have secured the wife.They should look closely at anyone he had dealings with that had medical background i.e a doctor.
The fact that they stabbed him on the elbow vein and waited till he had bled considerably before leaving implies someone with some amount of medical knowledge was involved.They also didn't want to alert anyone to their presence hence the broken bottle so they may be known to people around.

Anonymous said...

It is so easy to assume this when you were not there
May God forgive you

Anonymous said...

Any hospital that rejects emergency cases instead of giving immediate first aid should be closed down immediately

Michael Shittu said...

This is someone I know in person. Sad baba maff may ur gentle soul RIP sir.

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