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Friday, 16 June 2017

Every 4 years, the village of Umuiyi sacrifices 7 children to a blood-thirsty god!

In the Nigerian village of Umuiyi, the water is sweet and plentiful, the corn swells golden, the goats and chickens thrive, and the trappers bring home antelopes. But the villagers owe their prosperity to a dark pact: every four years, they sacrifice seven of their children to a bloodthirsty god.

 Ure, the headstrong teenaged daughter of a powerful patriarch, challenges this in “The Promise Under The Iroko Tree” by Petra Okeke-Bestman.
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Manuel Kunmi said...

You must be kidding me

Anonymous said...

Whose children? That land needs spiritual cleansing.

SouthEastern said...

You should have told us its a sponsored post like u used to hint in those commercial posts...

Moses Ayodele said...

You mean, such still exist in this Generation. It's a big challenge when one is Blind, you won't see reality.

CHERYL (aka FROM GLORY to GLORY) said...

See how I rushed to open this post, lol

Long live LIB

Sam said...

Pls what state is the village so that i can avoid the state

Udolisa Ugochukwu said...

very interesting.....

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