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Monday, 5 June 2017

CNN host is accused of making 'racist' remark to 12-year-old Spelling Bee Champion

A CNN anchor has caused massive outrage after she made a statement considered racist by most.

Alisyn Camerota had made the remark while interviewing 12-year-old Ananya Vinay who is the latest Scripps Spelling Bee Champion.
During the interview, Ananya, who is of Indian origin, was asked by a second host, Chris Cuomo, to spell "covfefe" - the meaningless word that became popular after Donald Trump mistakenly tweeted it. The girl spelled it as "cofefe".
"Thank you very much. That's the only good answer we've heard about that word in days," Chris Cuomo said.
Alisyn Camerota now replied:
 "It was really COVFEFE but, again, it's a nonsense word so we're not sure that its root is actually in Sanskrit, which is what you're probably used to using. "
A number of people feel Alisyn's remark was a jab at Ananya's origin and as such degrading because it meant she was not used to English.

Ananya, though of Indian origin, was born and raised in Fresno, California and had just been named the 2017 champion the previous evening. She is the 13th overall Indian-American child to win the competition. Since 2008, an Indian-American child has won the competition every single year.

Ananya beat nearly 11 million children to emerge champion of the competition and was called "unflappable" by ESPN commentators because of how well she comported herself throughout the rounds of competition.

Below is a short clip from the interview.


presh said...

Why can't you guys free someone success nah?

Anonymous said...

Well all I will say is that the girl is beautiful

Kari said...

that was just a harmless joke. the moment any white person makes a joke mentioning anybody's origin, people are always quick to label it as racism forgeting they also do the same.

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NaijaDeltaBabe said...

Na wa

... Merited happiness

NaijaDeltaBabe said...

Na wa

... Merited happiness

uchenna njoku said...

Why should Chris Cuomo ask a child to spell COVFEFE? Aren't there any other words he could've asked her to spell?

Anonymous said...

I feel like that why they want most immigrants to leave

A A.O said...

You must be an idiot for saying that is a harmless joke. If you ever live abroad, you will know these guys could throw racist remark at any slight opportunity.

Vivian Reginalds said...

beht y???
even after criticizing trump!
-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Susan Omalicha Stanley said...

True dear.

Anonymous said...

Some of them get jealous when a non white hits a milestone. They expect everything to be for white Americans which is not possible.

Akeem Opayemi said...

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Anonymous said...

All manner of closet racists in the USA now feel very comfortable to openly exhibit their racist mindsets courtesy of the new socio-political order.

Anonymous said...

Avharmless joke right, that she would not have attempted with a blond haired american child! Idiots like you get on my nerves. If you dont know anything about the topic under discussion - shut up, yes zip your mouth

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