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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Catholic Bishop allegedly commits suicide in Cameroon (photos)

A catholic bishop identified as Jean Marie Benoît Balla has alleged ly committed suicide in Bafia, Cameroon. According to the reports by Cameroonian websites, the Bishop allegedly jumped through the Bridge of Ebebda into the River Sanaga at about 78Km from Yaoundé

A search was launched for his body after the Bishop’s land cruiser SUV with registration plate number CE 9503V was found on the Ebebda bridge yesterday.

His identification papers and a suicide note which read "“Je suis dans l’eau” that is “I am in the water” when translated to English were found in his car.

Confirming the death, the  Divisional Officer, of Ebebda, told press that he was informed about the incident by a Reverend Father at about 1 p.m “I immediately ran to the scene and saw for myself. The car is truly here on the bridge and the note the Bishop left suggests he jumped into the river”, said the DO.

He also went to say that there was no sign of struggle or violence at the scene “His collaborators told us he left the diocese yesterday at about 11:30pm but no one knew where he was going to. But from the direction his car is facing, one can conclude he was going to Yaounde,” he said, adding that investigations have been opened to find the Bishop and also, to determine what really happened.

It is alleged that the incident was a murder which was made to look like suicide as the BIshop is the second Clergyman to have died in Bafia in the space of two weeks, after a young Priest in the locality was been found dead in his room last week


NaijaDeltaBabe said...

What for?

... Merited happiness

Adrian said...

why? has the suicide trend all of a sudden reached cameroun. i thought it was only in nigeria because of the recession issue, now we even have a clergy man taking his own life.

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Anonymous said...

My dear sister, we're all trying to find out why... Oh my lovely country.. foul play I hear

Anonymous said...

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donduke said...

The conspiracies of life is almost invincible! But God knows all

Anonymous said...

God please be our vindicator, help your priest, Pope n bishop

Anonymous said...

See the message he received before committing sucide

Anonymous said...

Honestly, you religious fanatics, the world is not ending. Please do us all a favor and follow the example of your holy father.

Anonymous said...

When you realise the nonsense you believe is all lies, sometimes the truth is hard to deal with.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe this at all. Whoever that is commenting should please read well the last paragraph. Rip

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