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Thursday, 8 June 2017

9-month-old baby goes missing in South Africa after mother 'borrowed' the child to a neighbour

A 25-year-old South African mother is presently heartbroken and shattered as her 9month old baby has been missing for five days.

Abongile Nojahi, the unemployed mother claims she had let her 17-year-old neighbour, Zanele Mchunu “borrow” her son on Saturday and since then she hasn't set her eyes on her child nor the neighbour whose phone has been out of reach.
“This is so hard. I don’t sleep at night because I just lie awake and worry about where he is‚”Abongile said.
Narrating the sad occurrence to Times Live, the distraught mother said: 
‘She came to my house and asked if she could borrow my baby and I said that was fine. She said she would come back. I gave her my baby and by the time Sunday came‚ she had never come back‚” she said.
Abongile said she felt comfortable leaving her child with her friend‚ and did not find the request strange or had any reason to suspect that she would make such move.
“She often looks after him‚ so it was normal to me. I have known her for a year and she is my neighbour.’
Although, she has however reported to the police the missing case of her child and Police spokesperson Captain Nqobile Gwala made an appeal to the general public with information to reach them.

‘Gwala requested that anyone with information of their whereabouts contact Warrant Officer SV Mhlongo on 031 508 2330 or 073 254 2512 or Crime Stop on 08600 10111.


Mp3 download said...

Why always missing in the South Africa ?

Anonymous said...

Linda it's not "borrow", it is "lend".

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Prisca said...

Nobody is above mistake

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Anonymous said...

That's exactly what I am asking. This is really pathetic.

donduke said...

This world, what are all this evil here and there?

Anonymous said...

My friend shut up !!!! Who English pep?

sholetoga said...

Useless mother, some people should just forget about having kids they can't be responsible for......pathetic

Ichebi Christian said...


Anonymous said...

Lend d baby to do wat? as a little groom or wat. I dont understand. If she was busy nd d girl assisted hr in taking care, it wl hv bn a litle bit reason

nony bright said...

Borrow? 4 wat exactly!?

Anonymous said...

She did no wrong giving d baby to d said neighbor. Considering d fact dat she used to help her watch d babay...speaking for myself, I love children and you'll always see me taking a stroll with other people's kids. So don't just abuse her. The baby n d girl might be in some kind of danger u never can tell

Anonymous said...

Oversabi Anon@21.09,"borrow" is actually right. You borrow something from somebody and lend something to somebody. Google is your friend. Educate yourself and stop displaying your ignorance and stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Borrow? How exactly does anyone borrow a baby???

OSINANL said...


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