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Monday, 5 June 2017

36yr old Patrice Evra says he can't retire from the game yet because he has 24 siblings to take care of

At 36yrs old, old warhorse, Patrice Evra is not thinking about retirement, far from it. He is still putting in five-star displays for Marseille in the French League and he has revealed why he won't hang up his boots just yet. Speaking after Michael Carrick's testimonial game, the Frenchman said: 'I hope he will play for many years, he has to keep playing like me. I am still playing because I still have 24 brothers and sisters to feed so I can’t stop, I have to run.'

'Michael Carrick is still an important player for Manchester United and I remember this year always when he was playing the result was always positive.'
Long-serving midfielder, Michael Carrick has spent 11 years at Old Trafford and in his honour, the club organised a testimonial game that was graced by former teammates and other football greats.


Anonymous said...

His dad needs a snip, otherwise, he will keep on going till thus hardworking man has 100 of them to feed.

MUFC said...

My man... Funny guy

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Anonymous said...

South African black men all have this similar look abi no b Quentin fortune wey Ferguson use to nyansh his mama b dat?

livingstone chibuike said...

kip playing

dj banti said...

I really love this.
Family is all we got.

kennymac said...

Really funny. He'll feed them forever then

hrm paul said...

Evra needs to retire if not je will die on d pitch d stress will b much for him

Anonymous said...

I met a Yoruba man once who said that the wealth of the African man is his many children and I wondered how shallow we think in this part of the world. This 36 years old man has put his father's problem on his head, his father was busy procreating like rat and failed to plan for his so called multiple children and this man is ready to work himself to death because of his father's reckless behaviour. It is Africans that buy expensive cars and still leave in rented accommodations.

This is pathetic, I wish him well but he will spend all his hard earned money on them and will fail to invest anything for his immediate family.

How pathetic.

Vivian Reginalds said...

hmmm and his parents who were dropping them like rain, wetin dem dey do?
-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

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