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Monday, 8 May 2017

You can earn over $300 (N120,000) equivalent in Bitcoin everyday without recruiting

This is a sponsored post...
Sure you may have heard about Bitcoin (a.k.a BTC) by now. If you have not, where have you been all this while? Don’t be left out of this phenomenal decentralized digital currency wave that has taken over which is also recognized all over the world.
There are thousands of Bitcoin ATM’s scattered across the globe now. The value of Bitcoin has surpassed that of Gold. Bitcoin is very well recognized by top financial individuals like Bill Gates, Richard Branson etc. Bitcoin has also officially gained full momentum in countries like U.S, China and Japan.

In the last quarter of 2016, 1 Bitcoin was worth about $750 (N300,000 @ N400/$), but as at today 1 BTC is worth well over $1,520 (N608,000 @ N400/$). With the current economic recession, banks failing, inflation of prices due to the dollar to naira exchange rate, increase in interest rates in bank loans, money laundry discoveries with no positive effects…one needs an alternative source that is neither bank nor government dependent. It is highly recommended that you acquire some Bitcoin for your current and future use as the value of 1BTC is expected to hit over $3000 (N1.2m @ N400/$) before the end of 2017

Now, instead of acquiring some Bitcoin and keeping it your Bitcoin wallet (similar to keeping money in the bank), you can actually fix your Bitcoin in an automated system that would yield more Bitcoins for you within a period of time

What do you need?

Email address, phone number and some Bitcoins

With the power of the internet and an automated Bitcoin trading system, you can earn Bitcoins daily. So instead of acquiring this BTC and just storing it in your wallet (praying day and night for the value to rise), you can actually submit your Bitcoins to the system and it opens up a maximum of 90 days contract (it could be less) to give you 2.2% of your Bitcoin every single day. This bitcoin is sent directly to your BTC wallet address (or account) EVERYDAY, so you don’t have to wait for the expiration of the contract to collect your Bitcoins and profit.

How does it work?

You have 3 options with this system. You can earn passively, massively or both.

PASSIVELY: 2.2% of your BTC is earned daily (Monday to Sunday, even on public holidays). This is transferred directly to the account of your choice as long as it is up to 0.03BTC or above. This is without referring or recruiting anyone to partner with you.

MASSIVELY: You earn 6% - 15% from the binary earnings as more people partner with you

BOTH: You can combine both the passive and massive earning options to skyrocket your income from this. With this system, we have people hitting about $43,000 per day (with proofs to show)
When I started, I was making over $100 every single day, and in a 4 weeks it would be increased to slightly above $300 every single day.

To see more, you can be scheduled for a LIVE online meeting with the team in the U.S. OR you can get started right away by visiting this link

Note: This is not a HYIP (High Yield Investment Program), a PH (Provide Help) and GH (Get Help), nor a get-rich-quick-scheme

For assistance, more info or LIVE online meeting schedule, please call or WhatsApp this number (+2348123992453)

24/7 support avenues would be via:
Skype/WhatsApp/Facebook/Phone calls/Zoom Online App


Gideon Okorie said...


Anonymous said...

Only a fool will not see this as a PONZI SCHEME. smh

Anonymous said...

bitcoin is a scam !

Peer to peer thing: easily manipulated. go get -a-job guys

All you enumerated above is pure lies : no governmental recognition . The CBN has even warned Nigerians to steer clear of this

fraudulent scheme


Oga go tell ur Church members

Orizu kelechi said...

No waooo

Aderemi Buraimoh said...

Scam of the century

Anonymous said...

Have you heard of TBC? Invest in it today and laugh tomorrow. I have alot of it so I will give you 1tbc for for just 3000 naira only. Contact me on whatsapp 09024360475

Anonymous said...

Who are you trying to scam...let's see who will fall for this..

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