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Friday, 12 May 2017

Women in Film and Television Nigeria (WIFTIN): Creating platfforms to empower the girl child for self reliance

Unveils initiatives set up to educate and foster professionalism in filmmaking and Media for female secondary school students.
In a bid to achieve gender equality and empower women and girls, Women in Film and Television Nigeria (WIFTIN), a non-profit organization that supports women in film, television and other media, recently unveiled a series of programs aimed at furthering  the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

WIFTIN has initiated three projects developed for the professional woman and the girl child in Nigeria.  These programs are; The WIFTIN Art Club, WIFTIN Film & Acting Academy and the Reel Women Reel Issues Project. To kick start these programs, WIFTIN (WOMEN IN FILM AND TELEVISION IN NIGERIA, hosted about 100 female secondary school students from schools in Surulere L.G.A., for a movie screening at the Filmhouse Cinema, Surulere Mall, Surulere, Lagos State, in March, 2017.

For the screening, the movie “Hidden Figures” was chosen as the ideal choice because it depicts the courage, intelligence, foresight women of all race and color should imbibe. At the screening, WIFTIN also unveiled the WIFTIN ART CLUB Project which is an initiative set up to educate and foster professionalism in film making and all other media in female secondary schools.

According to WIFTIN president, Muna Onuzo, “Through these programs, we would have started the Nigerian female future film makers on the right path by helping these young women who are still in secondary school realize that they are gifted, intelligent, bold and beautiful.”  “By 2030, WIFTIN hopes to have succeeded in launching more powerful producers, directors, cinematographers, et al on the media space. While the world has achieved progress towards gender equality and women’s empowerment under the Millennium Development Goals, WIFTIN intends to increase the SGD2030 momentum; particularly in the media”.

Through this organization, female film makers will find a support system that genuinely fosters growth and the need for professionalism, persistence, dedication and resilience in working for and in the media.

WOMEN IN FILM AND TELEVISION IN NIGERIA (WIFTIN) is a chapter member of the international body of the WOMEN IN FILM AND TELEVISION INTERNATIONAL (WIFTI). WIFTI has over 44 chapters and 14,000 members’ world-over.   WIFTIN is a membership based non-profit organization borne out of the need to support women in film, television and other media. It also focuses on capacity building for the female youth and promotes the work of women currently working in the media industry by recognizing and offering a support system.

For partnerships, sponsorships and membership signup, contact WIFTIN at info@wiftin.org


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this is one way to equalize the gender gap instead of the usual

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feminism rants that i read on instagram. give females the skills they need to stand on their own.

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