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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Tourist batters 10-year-old boy over toilet charge and the attack was caught on CCTV

An English speaking tourist was caught on camera brutalising a 10-year-old toilet attendant simply because the boy asked him to pay before using the private toilet.

Abdul Seesa started working as an attendant with the hopes of making extra pocket money so when his attacker came in with two blonde women, asking to use the toilet in the red light district of Bangla Road in Phuket, Thailand, at 3.50am, Abdul informed him that the fee was 10 Baht (about 20 pence).
The tourist immediately became angry and refused to pay.

The unknown tourist was seen in the video as he hit a smartphone from the boy's hands, slaps him round the head twice then punches him to the ground. When the boy tried to stand, the man hit him again and he hit the ground.

The police have not been able to catch the attacker so Abdul's father, Tohee Seesa, is taking charge of the case. Mr Tohee has now offered a reward of 5,000 baht (£112) for any information that will help catch the tourist. He said the man was in his 30s or 40sand spoke English but his nationality was not known.

He added:
 "The toilet is just for service for tourists on Soi Bangla. My son Abdul works there just for extra pocket money. What kind of man does this to a ten-year-old boy? We want to catch him. He would not pay 10 baht to use the toilet and attacked my son. People have to pay to use the toilet because we need to keep it clean and fix it. We will reward anybody who can catch the man so police can punish him."
Below is the footage captured on CCTV.


dee boi said...

Orisirisi... dee

Sweet faced said...


Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

uniquechic said...

Like seriously!!!!! u can afford£112 and ur son who isnt even a teenager yet and shd be in school is working for extra wetin!!! u shd be flogged sir..u r using ur son for cheap labour wen u can get matured hands who can defend demselves..ur lucky he wasnt really injured by crazy customers.

Anonymous said...

God bless you uniquechic.

Anonymous said...

Mumu like you. So the son should have been in school at in the morning abi? U dont know anything else about the family so shut up with criticism...u just read a story and with ur myopic local mentality start commenting

Anonymous said...

Moron, what kind of a father will send his 10yr old kid to be wirking at 3am while he would be at home sleeping?

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