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Saturday, 6 May 2017

"The veil has fallen off" - Olori Wuraola Ogunwusi takes a stand against Domestic Violence

Olori Wuraola Ogunwusi, wife of the Ooni of Ife, has taken a public stand against domestic violence. According to her;
"Domestic abuse/emotional abuse are fast becoming a norm in our society. Decades ago it was okay for women to bear the burden and remain mute about the pains and effects of being victims. Not today.
The veil has fallen off and the shame of what the world will think has been replaced with solidarity, empathy, and unity. Together we can all lend a helping hand and support our sisters, mothers, aunts, friends in saying No to domestic violence and abuse. By remaining silent, we are doing a great disservice to victims and their families. #Saynotodomesticviolence #NoMore #SilenceisDeadly"


ifeoma's verdict said...

This woman's bleaching is becoming too much, kilode.

Anonymous said...

On this road to civilizing the nation, ridding it of toxic violence and backwards attitudes towards the sanctity of human life, all moral Nigerians, with good virtues and good conscience, must keep up the fight against violence, oppression and discrimination targeted towards the most vulnerable in our society.

The Yoruba people must remember virtues of openness and brotherly love, and be an example of inclusivity, and not followers of fascism, intolerance and tribalism.

We should all be good Samaritans, it doesn't matter what race, age, ethnicity, sexuality or gender an individual is, like Her Empiral Majesty Olori Wura has cited, in regards to women, let this edict translate to all our peoples, be they women or men, children or the elderly, gay or straight, rich or poor, Muslim or Christian, above all else, we are human.

These acts of violence are not new, but in the information age, what was once hidden, is brought to light. We can not act oblivious any longer to the real issues plaguing our nation. Let us be leaders by example, and not slaves to ignorance.

Anonymous said...

I stand to say no to domestic violence. Once upon a time, there was a man that use to abuse and maltreats his wife, one day the wife went to see a prophet, after narrating her story to the prophet, the prophet now gave her a bottle of liquid substance and tell her when ever there is an issue between you and your husband drink this substance but do not swallow it, let it be in your mouth until the matter is over. She takes the advice and instructions seriously that her husband begin to notice that there's change in attitude and approach when ever they have issues, he begin to imagine what have caused the change. He also starts to love the wife and the abuse and maltreating stopped. The woman now went back to the prophet to thank him for his help on how he bring back peace to her home. The prophet now said to her the liquid substance I gave you is ordinary water and little salt. That means 90% of the abuse you receive from your husband is caused by you, if only you can control your emotions and nagging attitude this abuse will stop completely. "The book of proverbs 31 talks about a Virtuous wife"

uniquechic said...

I concur......
jail terms have to be served for either sex ...cos its not o ly men unfortunately most of d complaints are from women

Anonymous said...

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CHERYL (aka FROM GLORY to GLORY) said...

What baffles me is that the women in the national assembly are silent over this. Can't they propose a bill that protects women against domestic violence?

Long live LIB

CHERYL (aka FROM GLORY to GLORY) said...

Rubbish story! So the man couldn't take a walk but beat up his wife each time she dares to speak her mind during an argument? He doesn't have heated arguments with males his size or even bigger, why doesn't he try hitting them! Rubbish

Long live LIB

Anonymous said...

You're a sexist and you don't even know it. The man who cannot control his anger, is the one with the problem.

Stop blaming the victim.

Anonymous said...

Sadoo. Bitter u.
Get well

dee boi said...

And nobody is talking to the men... de

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