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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Teacher photographed completing lesson plans while in labour

A Texas teacher has become the topic of online conversations after a photo emerged of her completing her lesson plans while in labour.

Jennifer Pope of Burleson, Texas, was seen in the photo completing the paperwork on April 23 at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital in Fort Worth, for the person who'll be taking over from her during her maternity leave.

The image was taken by Pope's friend and shared on Facebook and has received over 21,000 likes and comments from people praising the teacher, who works at Christian Life Preparatory School in Fort Worth, for her dedication to her job. Pope is being modest about the positive comments her photo has received and said she didn't do anything special.

"Really, I'm no different than any teacher that I know," Pope told ABC News. "They would've done the same thing. We think about our students like our own children. I'm grateful (people) are celebrating all teachers and working moms. Being a working mom is hard, but it's also fulfilling. I can't imagine not being a teacher."

Pope, 35, went into labour two weeks early so she still had quite a lot she needed to get done and she decided to multitask. Her husband, Andrew, then helped her to deliver the instructions to the substitute teacher who was waiting downstairs in the hospital parking lot.  Pope said she did it because she did not want her students to miss anything while she is gone.

"So it would be an easy transition for my students, I was making sure I gave adequate directions of what and when I wanted them to be taught. I wanted it to be a typical and normal school day for them while I'm gone."

Pope, who had three kids prior to the birth, welcomed a daughter, Clara, that same night, making her a mother-of-four. She will return to her teaching job at the start of the next school year.


livingstone chibuike said...

strong woman

Maduka said...

She is so committed to her work... lol.
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NaijaDeltaBabe said...

Strong woman

... Merited happiness

Amos Mohammed said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
chris77 said...

Misplaced priorities

Amos Mohammed said...

What are your intentions for doin what you do. is it for eye services or for dedication sake cuz God usually look at our intentions before granting his blessings.
God bless her

joy wilton said...

She cares for for her job n love it.

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

uniquechic said...

awesome woman..one in a million..
labour dat u wunt even remember ur name! she is hardworking and and committed. keep it ur woman

Anonymous said...

As a banker I was attending to a customer who came to open account while I was in Labour. The old customer noticed it and asked me if I was in Labour, I replied no cos i didn't want to abandon him halfway. 4 hours later I called him to tell him I had put to bed. He was like I knew you were contracting

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