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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Sister to Manchester Arena bomber reveals motive for his action, says he wanted revenge for British-Libyan friend killed in racist attack and justice for Syrian children killed by America

Manchester Arena bomber's sister, Jomana Abedi, 18, says that her brother was a kind and loving man who only driven to commit the atrocity because he wanted to take revenge for his friend who was killed in a racist attack and also for the children killed in Syria when America dropped explosives in the country.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Jomana said she was surprised that her brother detonated a suicide bomb, killing 22 people, and she thought he was driven by what he saw as injustices.

She said: "I think he saw children—Muslim children—dying everywhere, and wanted revenge. He saw the explosives America drops on children in Syria, and he wanted revenge. Whether he got that is between him and God."

A family friend alleged that Salman Abedi's act of terror carried out on innocent concert goers was caused by the murder of Salman's teenage friend who was run over and stabbed in Manchester in May 2016 in a murder viewed as a hate crime. Witnesses report seeing Salman vowing revenge at his friend's funeral last year. Abedi became more religious after that incident and became interested in extremist groups.

Salman's father, Ramadan Abedi, said his son was seriously affected by the death of his friend killed in Manchester but was not sure if that was the reason for the attack. He said he spoke with his son five days ago and he seemed normal. He also added: "We don't believe in killing innocents."

Ramadan Abedi and his sons, Hashem and Ismail, have been arrested in connection with the suicide bombing. Ramadan was arrested while he was recording TV interviews in the country. The suicide bomber's uncle was also arrested. Abedi's younger brother, Hashem, was nabbed in Libya, on suspicion of having links to ISIS. A Libyan security force official said Hashem was aware of all the details of his brother's plans. There are reports that Salman's 50-year-old nuclear scientist mother is also in police custody. The killer spoke to his mother, Samia Tabbal, just before carrying out the attack.

Leaked photos of the devastation inside Manchester Arena show the suicide bomber carried a powerful explosive in a metal container, which was inside a blue Karrimor backpack. It is believed that a small handheld detonator was used to explode the bomb. Salman Abedi's home in Fallowfield, Manchester, was raided following the Manchester attack and cops found bombmaking workshop in his home including enough material for more bombs.


Anonymous said...

Lies lies all lies!!! You dont believe on what??? Its not out of place to say he wanted revenge. There is no doubt americans drop bombs on innocent ppl is syria & libya. Why dont you just say it was a revenge! Why lie you dont belive in killing innocent ppl!!! & then you knew abt what your son & brother was going to do & come here to lie. #Coward #Propaganda #jihad

Anonymous said...

Hope that sister is under arrest too.? Justice for "children killed in Syria by America.." and he decided U.K. Should pay for America's sins ba? She reasons like a Nigerian Fulani!

CHERYL (aka FROM GLORY to GLORY) said...

Smh....but these people r the cause of their misfortune yet they blame others for it!

Long live LIB

Morgan said...

if he wanted revenge thenbhe shouod have fished out the people that commited those injustices and take ooo it out on them?

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why go after abunch of innocent concert goers that have nothing to do with it?

Anonymous said...

Your Father! There's No Excuse For Doing Evil.

daniel ubong said...

Muslim reason so myopic, u can imagine this because the so called father is very much away of this.

Ugwuobute Daniel Nnabuike said...

Oh a religion of peace indeed! Jesus christ is the way,The truth & life

dauda momoh said...

May God help us

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Eze-Udemba Zuma said...

This girl has Nigerian Fulani mentality. How can she justify his brother's heinous crime against humanity? Only blood thirty demonised people like Fulani will murder people for what they know nothing about. Let those whose loved ones were murdered by his devil mobilise and wipe out the Abedi family and all those who think like them from the face of the earth.

Samuel Orisakwe said...

I don't blame them pls it's de UK n de Americans that allow them citizenship I blame.

Anonymous said...

Imagin What a human being is putting up as a defence for a terrorist, ok does She know how many innocent People isis have behaeded in front of camera,infact these People will alway want to play the victim uk Should go ahead been soft with them, they will soon wipe out the whole of britain with bomd, rubbish , if not for America in the second world war Hitler would have conquered the whole of europe, britains are weaklins rubbish imagin the gut of that terrorist sister to give such useless excuse i cannot even imagin What the parent of the children kill will be feeling right Now hearing their child killer relative stating excuses why he did it and also blaming America this is laughable.

ary said...

LOL, just look at the silly excuses these idiots are giving! Simply put, he did it because he had been brainwashed by excerpts of a religion that seemed to propagate violence. If he wanted revenged, why carry out his attack in the UK?!

Echo said...


Echo said...

Bastards! After enjoying amenities they couldn't have dreamed of in thier war-torn demented and cursed countries, the idiot has the guts to publicly defend the actions of her demonic brother. In times like these I love Russians. Errant Nonsense!! Shame on Brits

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