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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Registration opens for Fast-track Graduates Professional Programmes ..Courses start date is 30 June 2017

The CIAPS Fast-track professional programme for graduates to commence on 30 June 2017.
Graduates wishing to train for a professional career can now apply for these hands-on training programmes that offer opportunities for job placement and practical projects.
The fast track programmes will last three months and the main areas of study are;
Media and Journalism, Business Administration, Production and Operations Management, Business Development, Project Management, Event Management, Banking and Finance, Graduate Diploma for Senior PAs Executive Assistants, Education.

Applicants for these courses are required to have a first degree or equivalent (Bachelors, HND). Having a good grade is a major advantage. Applicants without such qualifications may apply, but their applications will be subject to a more complex process and they will be required to demonstrate their ability to successfully follow the programme. In all cases, applicants will be tested by CIAPS through written assessments and verbal interview. Applicants will be deemed successful only if they are judged to possess a good mix of:
    Imagination and creative thinking
    Written and verbal communication skills
    Ability and willingness to learn
    Sense of responsibility and ability to work in a team
    Resilience and stability
    Integrity and respect for others
Start Date: 30 June 2017 Venue: CIAPS Lagos You can also study Online and Part time. 

Interested applicants can apply by visiting the CIAPS website


livingstone chibuike said...


Anonymous said...

Nice one. Thanks for the info

Lola Akinyele said...

Nice one, This is a great initiative

Andrew said...

Nice one Linda

Chike said...

How do I register?

James Adetade said...

I think I would go and register, it could break my unemployment jinx

James Adetade said...

I will go and register, maybe it will break my unemployment jinx

Stella said...

A friend of mine once told me about CIAPS. It's interesting and a great opportunity for those seeking for postgraduate studies. Thanks for sharing.

James Adetade said...

Chike the link is in the post.

Anonymous said...

Nice one.
Professional qualifications are the way forward.

Andrew, Babatola Oyafemi said...

Is okay, noted.

Warri Girl said...

We don hear.

Emmanuel said...

its really gud to study a professional course,it makes your Cv gallant. Abi where person go get 10 professional certificates at 23 years. This is the way forward

Muyiwa said...

Nice. Boost your CV...get a job.

Ife said...

Great News

Ifeoluwa Adesuji said...

This is really a good one for the youths out there.
Giving it a trial too

Victor said...

Yes. A degree is not enough Professional Certificate is the way forward.

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