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Saturday, 6 May 2017

Photos: Popular Yoruba actor, Pastor Ajidara suffers kidney failure

Veteran Yoruba actor, Adeshina Adesanya popularly known as Pastor Ajidara is critically ill.

He has been diagnosed with kidney failure and has since been hospitalized at unknown hospital in Ogun State where he's currently receiving treatment and would require millions of naira to survive. 

His family and colleagues have started requesting for assistant on his behalf from well meaning Nigerians.

His colleague and popular comic actor, Mr Latin shared a photos from his hospital bed with the caption, 'Thank you kind hearted Nigerians both home and abroad for your prompt response, on the failing health of prince Adesina Adesanya aka pastor Ajidara due to kidney failure, he is gradually responding to treatment and with your supports, he will soon be back on his feet... Here is his wife account because he is still unable to operate his account 1761765273 Adesanya Atinuke T. Skye bank. Thank you very much and God bless us all'.


Nnenne George said...

What's this with all these actors and kidney palava.. not to disrespect anymore but the rate to which their organs fails is becoming a thing of concern. And it doesn't even end well for them, even their colleagues don't even help them financially support to recover. Please get well soon..

Anonymous said...

Nnenna or whatever your name is. You are a nuisance. Does ur life revolves around LiB? Do your part by contributing financially to support him. Typing "get well soon" isn't the solution.

Kiama Ibe said...

Nawa ooo. May God heal him

Anonymous said...

Could it be this actor's like consuming ALomo ,paraga and all those hard drinks.
Why always having kidney problems.

Anonymous said...

Actors do not have a higher rate of any illness, we just hear it more from them because they are public figures. It is high time we educate ourselves on some diseases. First, if you can afford it, yearly medical check up is recommended, especially after 30 years of age! This check-up should include blood drawn for for different differentials, which include glucose and electrolytes level in the body; this will normally tell the status of your main organs.
The two main causes of chronic kidney disease is diabetes and high blood pressure. You do not know if you have diabetes till you to ACCU check, which is a test to know the glucose(sugar) level in your blood. Blood pressure level is also not known till it is checked using some portable devices at home, or in the clinic.
Symptoms of chronic kidney diseases include, but are not limited to tiredness, poor appetite, trouble sleeping, dry itchy eyes, night muscle cramp, swollen feet and ankles, feeling too much heat when others are not, and so on.
The major function of the kidneys is to filter (remove wastes) from the blood, kidney failure is therefore when the kidneys cannot perform this function as efficient as they should, and that is why people go through dialysis to artificially filter their blood. This is a short term remedy, at this point, the only solution is kidney transplant, as the cells in the kidneys (nephrons) do not pick back up once damaged.
I am not saying alcohol has anything to do with kidney diseases or do not, but the way we consume alcohol in this country is alarming, especially the so called celebrities. The recommended daily consumption of alcohol is two glasses of wine for men, and one glass of wine for women. I will however say it is better just to abstain from it, it is just not worth what it can lead to in the future. Yes, many people drink and nothing is wrong with them, but life is not worth the risk, there is no second chance!!!

anonymous said...

It is well in Jesus name

Dirim Chiasoka said...

May the good Lord tough him and heal him. Really sad to see him in that state!

Ade Olasengbe said...

I wish him quick recovery

uniquechic said...

May Gods healing hand rest upon him...
dese coincidences r 3much...its as if dey swear an oath or are in an occult dat takes away their health im eexchange for fame or wot..
it sounds crazy but wen dey r sick its usually terminally..nollywood oh .

Anonymous said...

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Vivian Reginalds said...

whats up with nollywood and kidney failure???
-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. Just lost my brother this Saturday 6th due to kidney failure. We struggled to keep up by begging friends but funds don't just come easily for us to continue dialysis . Everyone kept promising until we lost him.We have many young people in this predicament that has nothing.... No helper. I saw alot of passing through this ordeal. I felt so bad.

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