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Monday, 15 May 2017

Photos: Police arrests mother for selling her baby for N250,000 in Lagos

A 22 year old lady along with six other suspects have been arrested by the Decoy Team of the Rapid Response Squad of the Lagos Police Command over the sale of a day old baby for the sum of N250,000:00.  The lady, Miss Onyinyechi Osoneye, was arrested on Wednesday by the operatives who were working on a two month intelligence gathering over the sale of a baby to Mr and Mrs John Chukwu of 34, Odeleye Aina Street, Okota, Lagos.

In an interrogation, Onyinyechi confirmed the sale of the baby with the conniver of her mother, Mrs. Joy Osoneye who helped her with tricks to conceal the pregnancy from her father knowing her father’s strict position on having a child out of wedlock. It was further revealed that the man who impregnated her had on being informed of the pregnancy denied the paternity of the baby.
Investigation by the RRS decoy team revealed that Onyinyechi was admitted to a Hospital in Ikota, Lekki-Ajah Expressway, where Mrs. Glory Ehinmi, 35, delivered the lady of a baby boy on March 1st, 2017. The baby was immediately transferred to Peculiar Hospital in Orile.

RRS decoy team recorded when Onyeyechi was arrested that she had denied the fact that she was pregnant and sold her baby. She was reported to have thereafter burst into tears on further interrogations.

She disclosed that Mrs. Glory Ehinmi took the baby from her at the point of delivery and gave him to Mrs. Prisca Okocha, 45, her sister and the owner of Peculiar Hospital, Orile, who offered Onyinyechi’s mother N250,000.

RRS findings during the course of investigation show that Mrs. Prisca Okocha thereafter contacted Mrs. Regina Anyanwu, 59, who subsequently brought the buyers, Mr. and Mrs. Ike Nwata.
Mrs. Okocha confessed to investigators that she sold the baby for N850, 000 but gave the mother N250, 000.
It was further learnt that the buying couples who were desperately in need of a child organised a huge party to celebrate the baby’s arrival.

Mrs. Nwata was reported to have stayed away from the residence of his husband while the search for a baby was going on. She own up to the investigation that she had been pretending to be pregnant each and every time she went to the husband house.

Mrs. Glory Ehinmi during interrogation disclosed that what she did to Onyinyechi was a favour. She added that the idea to conceal the baby was enough to suffocate the baby. She pointed out that she enrolled her for antenatal and fed her till she was delivered of the baby.

Efforts to arrest the man who impregnated Onyinyechi, her mother and father proved abortive as they were reported to be on the run.
The Lagos Police Command PRO, ASP Olarinde Famous-Cole advised people to be wary of the kind of hospital they patronize. He prompts the general public to disclose a timely information on hospitals where such act are being carried out in the state.

The baby has been handed over to the Lagos State Ministry of Women Affairs while five suspects have been transferred to Gender Office, State Headquarters, Ikeja, for further investigations.


livingstone chibuike said...

wat a world

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Alloy Chikezie said...

Na wah! Selling your own baby...

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CHERYL (aka FROM GLORY to GLORY) said...

I had a child that I really don't want and decided to sell it to someone who desperately needs it so what? At least I didn't kill it! The only offense is selling the child but I have every right to give out the child for adoption and get appreciated in return.

Long live LIB

molokwu fumunanya said...

Sold it for 850k n gave who carried d baby for 9months n pushed during labor 250k...humans...Dr all got what Dr deserve...ndi ara

Solomon said...

she doesn't know what they want to use the baby for and she

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.went ahead to sell her baby. after a while the money that they gave her would eventually finish.

here is how to get a big penis said...

why did she have unprotected sex if she was not willing to take care of the baby.

May said...

Lol ooooooooo @Cheryl to some extent, you are right most especially as the government do not have help for things like this in this country as in support of those with unwanted pregnancies. She should have taken the baby to a baby's home for proper documentation and the baby given out to foster parents. At least one is sure that the baby is in safe hands instead of the other way round. And again parents should stop all these nonsense of if a girl is put in a family way, they should not see it as bad thing. This is when the girl needs your love, support and care the most. Don't send them away saying it's a disgrace to the family. Do they know what that child will become tomorrow? But then, that doesn't mean that girls should be misbehaving. Children are gifts and blessings from the almighty. Mothers please take care of your girls in situations like this don't cover her up, tell your husbands and try sorting things out. Don't sell off your grand children. To the couple go to a home and adopt. There are lots of babies waiting to be adopted. May God help us.

Anonymous said...

The police should furnish the public with telephone numbers to inform them about this kind of incidence. A lot of women now are keeping babies that are not biologically theirs. I believe this is very common and should be condemned as we all queue up against all forms of violence, wickedness and violence against house helps.

The Lagos state govt should introduce the whistle blowing policy on this. This act of buying and selling of babies is inhuman and should be condemned in strongest terms.
A couple living in portharcourt has succeeded in buying 2 kids (a boy and a girl) at different times without legal adoption.
We should report women we never saw pregnant and are with babies today. If you want a child, why not go the legal way to adopt.

Anonymous said...

The police should do more to expose those in such act to deter from it

Ushie Blessing said...

Nawa oo

Anonymous said...

Hmm...i am The PSYCHIC

uniquechic said...

@ cheryl thing shd be done d right way!!! instead of killing d child or doing illegal things take d child to an orphanage or NGo and the process is done smoothly..u r sure where ur baby ends up and he/she wunt hate u in future..
@orphanages u dont pay to buy a baby once money is involved its an offence. ds babies r human after all haba not goat or yam...
women shd learn to decipher unserious guys and insist on protection or nothing.

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