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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Photos: Couple, two others escape death in auto accident along Otukpo road, Benue

One Tony from Benue State, his wife and two others came out of this wreck unhurt. The motor accident occurred along Adoka-Otukpo road on Friday, April 28th. More photos after the cut.


Nicole said...

The survivors are really lucky.... the car looks completely wrecked.
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Yetunde said...

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bestman oko said...

Aunty Linda na last week Friday story u dey share 2day, u been travel dat Friday

jamike daniel said...

Baba God you too much..singing be magnified wit two hands in d air

livingstone chibuike said...

hapi survival to dem

Anayo Obiekwe said...

R I p

Anayo Obiekwe said...

R I p

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