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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Photo: RRS rescues boys fleeing Abuja, reunites them with their parents

The operatives of Rapid Response Squad of the Lagos State Police Command on Monday last week rescued two teenagers fleeing the Abuja abodes of their parents and re-united them with their parents on Friday May 19th.

The teenagers, Chidubem Amaechi, 13, and Chinedu Onyebuchi, 13, were rescued by the RRS operatives on Monday morning after alighting from an Abuja bus at Ojodu-Berger, Lagos.

The teenagers were sighted by the officers wandering around Ojodu-Berger before they were invited for questioning. The children had lied to the officers during interrogations that they were kidnapped and blindfolded before they were driven to Lagos by their abductors.

They added that they escaped from their abductors while they (the abductors) were sleeping under the bridge before Ogun-Lagos long bridge. Inquisitive, the officer moved the boys to the RRS Headquarters, where an investigation into their kidnapping was launched immediately. While the investigations were on, officers suspected the children were lying about the kidnapping story.

Their parents, who have been looking for the boys in Abuja since Sunday, May 14, 2017, were shocked when contacted that their children were in custody of Rapid Response Squad, Lagos. It took three days of questioning before, Chidubem Amaechi opened up that he and Chinedu Onyebuchi connived to leave Abuja because of the poor states of their parents.

 According to Amaechi, “we noticed that our parents were suffering in order to take of care us. We decided to come to Lagos and work for sometimes. Whatever we were able to raise in six months, we would handover to our parents for them to start business. We realised that the hardship was too much and that we would be helping them if we leave our families in Abuja in search of better opportunities in Lagos, he stressed. Amaechi added, I brought my N4,200:00 savings while Chinedu added N500 as transport fare to Lagos. We were already in Lagos before we realised that we were simply being stupid. We were wandering about when the officer invited us for questioning”.

The Commander, Rapid Response Squad, ACP Olatunji Disu, who received the parents of the teenagersJj on the fifth day of being in the Command’s custody in his office, appealed to parents and guardian to monitor and take good care of their wards. The boys were re-united and released to their parents on Friday after they had promised not to repeat their actions again.


Eddy Ogbunambala said...


Isaac said...

the whole recession thing is affecting everybody that bad. even teenagers are trying to

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hussle for their parents. nigeria we hail thee, children have to go and look for work for survival.

Emeka Izuogu said...

Good Job RRS..The boys are nice tho angel hearts wanted to come and hustle to help their parents

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Anonymous said...

Linda please how can I give them some money

Anonymous said...

Linda please do you have the boys details to give them so money

uniquechic said...

haha dunno wot to make of ds story sef!!!!
seems dey r under spiritual attack sef...young boys like dese y cant dey look for d errand job or petty job in abuja y lagos loun loun...
d parents shd take dem for counselling o ds is dey dont cry ova dem in future..ds ones have guts

FredLaw said...

Self made multi millionaires in the making.

Highly-Favoured said...

Ewoooo. At 13 already thinking of helping parents. Its well.

CHERYL (aka FROM GLORY to GLORY) said...

Eyah... so childish but thoughtful of them. Thank God they didn't run into evildoers

Long live LIB

Anonymous said...

I dont believe these boys. They would have eventually joined a bad gang which would have either gone well or terrible. If well, they would enjoy their loot and want to make more money (evil of money).this would not allow them go home "and handover money to their parents" as claimed. And if bad, they could b imprisoned or even shot dead

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