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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Photo: Nigerian woman arrested in Liberia after she gashed 9-year-old boy's buttocks and put pepper in the wound

A 35-year-old Nigerian woman, Charity Wilson has been charged with aggravated assault by the women and children protection section of the Liberia National Police.

Wilson was arrested on Friday, May 19, by the Women and Children Protection section (WACPS) for allegedly assaulting the victim named Jerome Chea.
According to the accused, she gave the boy $180 to buy beans from the market.
“Three days ago I sent the boy to buy me beans, I gave him LD$180.00 to go and get me pepper from the market. I waited for him that whole day but I didn’t see him. Yesterday, I told his elder sister about it because it is not his first time this has happened. Sometimes when he does it, I wouldn’t accept him back, but people would beg me then I will forgive him”, Wilson said.
She narrated that to her surprise the boy denied receiving the money he has been accused of stealing after his sister confronted him. He told his sister in my presence:
 "She didn’t give him any money. I beat him with the rattan and I took the blade just because I was angry I cut him on his butt but I never expected it to go that way," she stated.
The victim told investigators that he was on his way to his biological mother’s house but was told by his sister that he was called by his mom (Wilson).

Jerome Chea said he saw the accused at her shop after, where she beat him with a rattan and used a new blade from her shop to deeply cut his butt, back and hands.
“When I went home, she started beating me, from there she took the new razor blade from the pack, then she chop, chop (cut) me and put pepper in the sore,” he lamented.
Chea said the accused sent him to buy beans, but he lost the money and was afraid to return home because he was always beaten by the accused.
“She beat me on the porch and carried me inside her shop and gashed me. There were plenty people there, a Fula woman, Nigerian and Aunty Precious and other people,"  he told investigators.
 The victim is currently covered in stitches from his back to the bottom of his left buttock. The accused is expected to be sent to court shortly but the crime is billable, and a bond could be filed for her release pending indictment for prosecution.
Source: FrontPageAfrica


Anonymous said...

Lol 😁 See criminal, she wan try Naija heck there... Can't laugh o

Colt said...

so she has decided to export her wickedness into liberia. why would you slash a child's buttocks and put pepper inside it? what sick

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person does that. what happen to normal caning or punishment?

Alloy Chikezie said...

She can't outrun the long arm of the law

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lami said...


NaijaDeltaBabe said...

Daylight evil

... Merited happiness

jackangel said...

Is it his buttocks that commuted the offense Madam Charity Organisation.Poor boy Sorry

Anonymous said...

So Nigerian women are taking this their witchcraft to every part of the world.

tsalz said...


Anonymous said...

She is mean

Anonymous said...

She is mean

James said...

Yet another psychopath.

Oma said...

Epic way of punishment

Oma said...

Epic way of punishment

Anonymous said...

She went too far

Vivian Reginalds said...

wickedness in the world sha!
-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Anonymous said...

She looks Biafran!!! Wicked woman!

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