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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

People not assigned to talk on behalf of Moji Olaiya's burial committee should refrain from doing so - Yomi Fabiyi rants again

Nollywood actor, Yomi Fabiyi is blowing hot this morning. Moments after he reacted to Yomi Fash Lanso's comments, he has now called out Funke Adeshiyan and Kayode Salako.

According to Fabiyi, 'the opinion expressed by Funke Adesiyan and Kayode Salako are entirely theirs as they do not speak for the committee'. Read his full epistle after the cut.
The Committee wish to state that the opinion expressed by @funkeadesiyan and @kayodesalako are entirely theirs and we have reacted privately to them to convey our reservations. They are not speaking for us.

I will wish to re-affirm incase the previous posts sounds ambigous. Owing to the Emergency of the situation and ultimatum we had, 102 actors were shortlisted for voluntary donations as our plan A and by the time of going to seek alternate support, only five(5) had responded and because time is of the essence, we seek an audience with relevant governments and individuals.

Since, our Grand/Life Patron Asiwaju Bola Tinubu had taken up the responsibility without delay, we decided to suspend the official request to the Ekiti State government.

The committee will never attack or criticize actors who are yet to respond financially. Common sense tells us that it is an unexpected contigency and everybody will not be ready at the same time and not everybody will be able to afford. Funke Adesiyan expressed her personal view even though we didnt discuss the payment traffic to her.

Members of the committee are actors with repute and individuals with self dignity. As the publicity secretary, since the news of demise is a trending news and a lot await burial information through us, I volunteered my page to pass information, and the onus is on me to do same as diligent as possible, whereby defend the ideas that the committee stands for.

People not assigned to talk on behalf of the committee or family should refrain from doing same and members of the media should seek information from the right sources in order to avert this ugly episode.

We apologize to whoever is unduly affected in these recent gaffes and controversies. We are doing all necessary to arrest the situation.
While thanking all our colleagues, deceased friends and family, please be assured of our continued regards for your persons.
Thank you.

Yomi Fabiyi


NaijaDeltaBabe said...

They should quit this pettiness and bury the lady jare

... Merited happiness

Anonymous said...

Okay noted sir, won't repeat itself

Agbaraasa arts movement said...

Nice one bro. Eni siku lo seyin oku .odun ajina so ra won . the fingers are not equal in the industry ,that's jagaban came to resqeu .

Demmy said...

Dis guy needs to shut up already

Herbert said...

moji olaiya has died and i am very sure if she was sentient all she would want is a peaceful and no frills burial ceremony. why are these

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people make a mountain out of a mole hill. taking jabs at each other.

Anonymous said...

Why do i feel these artiste are using a painful condition such as this to self enrich themselves or get cheap publicity , the entertainment industry Should by now know how to handle their problems without putting up a show at every opportunity,and this yomi fabiyi its a burial committee and not oputa panel do the need full and stop creating enemies were there are non you Should respect the dead , the lady that died is a peaceful person and She will appreciate peace and love there is no need for you People to tell the whole world She dont have the financial capabity to insure her burial its embarassing, all am saying is in Your soliciting for financial aids do it quietly and in peace .

Alloy Chikezie said...

Some persons are just using this woman's death for cheap publicity.

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Nnenne George said...

Na cup of coffee.. the woman they're all fighting for is already resting in peace..

Anonymous said...

this guy is a Capital FOOL!

Anonymous said...

this guy should just shut up abeg!

Anonymous said...

Sincerely I think Funke Adesiyan write up was MOST UNCALLED FOR and capable of heating up a tensed situation. She may be a millionaire, but for her to come up on social media to insult her colleagues was bad. Haba. Respect begets respect! Who is she? Please she should realise nobody knows tomorrow. I salute their level of maturity for not responding to her insults. Too bad!
As for Kayode Salako, that one is a nuisance seeking attention. A horseband! He should go home and pound yam for his wife to eat! He is in love. Radarada.
May Moji's soul RIP.
Yomi please ensure your write ups are in simple english, your messages get across faster and better. God bless.

Agbomen said...

Why are these guys gradually turning this simple thing into a circus? Everyone is ego tripping. Talking and speaking grammar all over the place. Pls u pple should just give Aunty Moji, a befitting burial. Who knows una??? *Hiss*

GALORE said...

This foolish man should keep KwaYat.... ..oleh

Na so you go marry oyibo for green card... We no your type, you be opportunist

Thank God @Mojis brother is with her two year old daughter already

I don't know why you all are shouting and crying more than the bereaved.. ...

Noise makers


Anonymous said...

Yomi or ki lon pe oruko e, gbe gbogbo enu e sohun. You lack compassion and are the one misrepresenting Moji, as the secretary the only information you should have been disseminating is burial information, who cares who donated what or did not donate. That should be internal to the committee, we don't need to know every little detail. Fighting and ranting and seeking publicity is a show of shame on your part. Now get back to the business of planning her burial and stop disturbing us on social media.
Moji I AM SO SORRY YOUR RAZZ FRIENDS IN YOUR INDUSTRY ARE LETTING YOU DOWN. May your beautiful soul rest in Peace, we love you so much but God allowed this to happen and my prayer is that God comforts your family.

Ifesanmi Tim said...

Stupidity of shallow mindedness. Chai..... this can only exist in Nigeria

Anonymous said...

Nice write up

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