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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Pensioner commits suicide in Benue State due to poverty and frustration

A retired worker with the Benue State Local Government Service, Mr. Gabriel Nomsha, committed suicide because he couldn't afford to feed his family and pay his children's school fees.

The Chairman of Coalition of Local Government Pensioners,’ Mike Vembe, who disclosed this on Wednesday, during the peaceful demonstration at the Government House Makurdi, said Mr Nomsha hanged himself a week ago due to frustration.

"One of our members, Gabriel Nomsha, from Gwer West Local Government Area, committed suicide last week as a result of poverty and frustration."
He explained that after the deceased had been screened, he came with the hope of collecting his pension but was disappointed when he wasn’t paid.

At least 2,000 local pensioners from 23 local government areas of the state on Tuesday slept at the gate of the Government House in Makurdi to protest the non-payment of their pension to the tune of N1.1 billion.

The pensioners arrived the government House in the afternoon but could not see the governor so they decided to pass the night at the gate of government house.

Efforts by security operatives mounting the gate to disperse them were rebuffed. The next morning Governor Samuel Ortom who was travelling to Abuja, came to address them.

Vambe who led the pensioners, said the protest became necessary after the Ministry of Finance stopped giving money to Local Government Pensions Board.

"We slept at the gate of the Government House since yesterday to press home our demands for the payment of our pension. The finance ministry stopped giving money to Local Government Pensions Board and this is causing our hardship."

Governor Ortom, who sympathised with them, said their welfare was of utmost importance to his government and promised to do everything possible to clear their pension arrears.


one man said...

is good for una bcos una want APC CHANGE

one man said...

is good for una bcos una want APC CHANGE

Sofa Video Download said...

See what this country is turning to! The rich are becoming richer and the poor...... God will help us

Babyoku Oku said...

A PC killing people since 1960

Anonymous said...

I feel sad for him but why is a pensioner still paying school fees? He clearly didn't plan his life well. He probably had more than one wife and several children. Even had children at old age. A pensioner should have grand children not just children. His pension should be for his existence of life, not to pay children's bills. When they tell men to be careful in life choices , some wouldn't listen. They will let their eggplant think for them.

Anonymous said...

Na Wa O! Whether 2 Say; Is the effect of Buhari on the economy or Ortom On Benue or corruption in Nigeria, Dunno. But May God Deliver Benue State Bcos It's Really In A Mess.

NaijaDeltaBabe said...

It is too bad

... Merited happiness

Sassy said...

things are seriously getting out of hand o. even pensioners that are supposed to be paid on time due to

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their old age and need for healthcare are still being owed money.these set of people cannot go out and work.

Kiama Ibe said...

Nawa ooo, buh his problems are not solved yet!!! Even in death. Why take your life said...

More reason why civil servant that are still in service will continue to want to steal more and more to protect their after service years. (fear of the future). it is when this is corrected that we can then have a true and patriotic civil servants. A big shame to our government.

Gerald Nwokoro said...

Many terrible things have happened under APC government. Suicide every other day. Regardless of all the allege looting of the past government, at least the economy was stable and people could afford to feed fairly. In all honesty theres a lot not right with this present government.

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

OSINANL said...

This is CHANGE

Nigerian Dailies said...

He don't need to take his life, no mater any what.

Read more news here

Bible said it that my people perish because of lack of knowledge, he didn't realized that no condition is permanent

Anonymous said...

Oya governor wheelbarrow give them their own barrow. Quick!!

Agbomen said...

God bless you.

Echo said...

U guys sound dumb... reeeally DUMB

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