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Monday, 8 May 2017

Parents arrested after footage emerges of them dragging their baby son in a tug of war

Two parents have been arrested after they were filmed tugging on their son as they tried to snatch the baby from each other in a hotel parking lot.

Footage filmed from the window of La Quinta in Orem, Utah, Sunday showed mother Britnie Hass and father Elias Holt fighting over their 11-month-old son.

Hass can be seen in the footage desperately clinging onto her son after ripping him from his father. Melina Ylinen, a relative, tried to intervene and save the baby who was now crying but Hass fought her off. The baby was at that point dangling precariously from Hass' hip as she fought off both Ylinen and Holt, striking them in the face. Holt and Ylinen were heard pleading with the mother.

"Stop! Britnie, stop! Let go!" Ylinen said while the boy's father yelled, "Give me the goddamn baby!"

At some point, Holt managed to grab his son and held onto him for a while before Hass snatched him back. This tug of war continued for a while until police were called. Police did not immediately arrest the parents after they arrived the hotel following the incident. A spokesman said they had wanted to go over the case before making any arrests. The parents later disappeared but were arrested in Utah on Friday.

The police and DCFS personnel are investigating the case. Hass appears to be dealing with mental illness following an incident last month, according to a post on her Facebook post where she described herself as planning to go to therapy for PTSD.  She is now facing charges of domestic violence in the presence of a child, child abuse, and assault. Holt was arrested for a previous warrant. The baby was not hurt and is now staying with a family member.

See the video below.


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