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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Osun State University students & workers allegedly harrased by Airforce personnel

Students, lecturers and other workers at Osun State university was reportedly harassed and battered by Airforce personnel tpday. As more details emerge, a student who witnessed what happened and had to escape with others from the campus, shared videos via Instagram and wrote;

"I am a student of Osun state university, Ipetu Ijeshu campus. We are being harassed daily by Airforce personnels but today was worse. They beat up a student in town and took him to their base. When our lecturers went to talk with them in their base, they beat them up and injured one of them to the extent that he was bleeding profusely and had to be rushed to the hospital. "Few hours later, an air force patrol van and a coaster bus full of personnel came into our school compound. They first beat all the securities at the campus gate and chased all students into the school. They entered our classes and beat some students to a pulp. They beat us with cutlasses,big sticks and guns.We couldn't record well because they beat up anybody they saw recording or taking pictures and students had to leave  school through a farm at the back.. Please we need help." 
 Watch the videos below:
A post shared by Mr Elu 🏿 (@kvngsucre) on

A post shared by Mr Elu 🏿 (@kvngsucre) on


Amos Mohammed said...

I don't know Air force with such attitude if its army or police now I will not be surprise;but Nigeria Air force ??? Am disappointed.

bolaji ojo said...

This is not d 1st time in ipetu those guys are animal,in 2014 when i was in ipetu they beat up my friend he almost lost is life and nothing was done abt it, linda abeg no make dis story rest those pikin for ipetu dey suffer from dis air force guys.

OLOLADE said...

Wow, I wish my fellow Lautecg Students safety in Osogbo o, Rauf is fond of molesting students on protest with army and tear gas. They only went on a peaceful protest, I hope he doesn't get them killed o.

imagine what has been happening with these people,is he gonna pretend like he does not something like that is happening? na WA o

Anonymous said...

Panic in osun state university as airforce spray bullets

O-Ice said...

The whole lot of them millitary and even para-millitary people are a gang of power drunk abusers. Police, army, air Force, navy, customs, etc. I've seen man o war guys harrasing a fellow at Lekki. I have seen a naval officer meting out corporal punishment to his co-tenant, a friend of mine trying to process her international passport witnessed immigration officials beat a guy to a pulp for daring to express displeasure about how slow the process is, the list is endless. Welcome to jungle naija.

Bishop Ebube said...

All the students there including there SUGs are idiots just look at there mouths they beat us with Cain sticks guns and etc. Can't you the students fight them and beat them seriously so that tomorrow they will not come there again instead of this report they beat up our security people at the gate and I ask which kind security do you have at the gate nonsense. With this kind thing I will suggest that jamb should look into the examination age and let it be 20years because university is not for kids ooh. This nonsense cannot happen continuously in Uniport without solution no never.

Anonymous said...

@O-Ice ....(The problem i see with civilians is not knowing what to do or knowing how to standup to their rights.) As for this case we haven't seen any recording of any uniform personnel to know which people exactly and we need to know what really happened and triggered it all cos when civilians misbehaves nobody cares but when military responds everyone reacts and talks.

Uniosun said...

hmmm, the thought of going to Uniosun to school now sounds scarier than I would have loved it.

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