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Thursday, 11 May 2017

One of the seven Nigerian men arrested for robbery in Abu Dhabi pleads guilty

One of the seven Nigerian men accused of robbing a money exchange office in Abu Dhabi of Dh970,000 on Monday, May 8, claimed he carried out the robbery alone and urged the court to acquit the rest of the defendants.
The seven-member gang named Dark Sky is on trial at the Abu Dhabi Criminal Court of First Instance on charges of robbery and forging official documents.

Official court records stated that the gang members, aged between 30 and 35, carried out the robbery at the money exchange office in the Musaffah area in January. They used knives and iron tools to threaten the workers to hand them the cash.
"The men had interrupted the money exchange staff during their official working hours, when they were in the process of transferring funds to special vehicles meant for the purpose," said prosecutors.
The gang had been closely monitoring the money transferring activity at the exchange for a few days before the robbery and timed their arrival accordingly, according to police investigations.
Officers said the men forced the employees of the exchange to hand over the money from the vans to them before fleeing in a car hired from another emirate with forged documents.
In a previous hearing, all men denied the charges of robbery and forging official documents to rent cars used in the robbery.
And in the latest hearing on Monday, one of the men - the fourth defendant in the case - retracted his earlier denial and told the court that he was guilty of the charges.
"I am guilty of the charges. I'm solely responsible for the robbery and all these other men had no hand in it," he said in the court.
He also told the judge that he had planned and carried out the robbery single-handedly and that the rest of the defendants were not responsible for anything.
He also denied knowing the other Nigerian men and asked the court for their acquittal, claiming that they were innocent.
Prosecutors said the Abu Dhabi Police had investigated the matter immediately after the robbery and arrested the men from Sharjah, where they were hiding. The police also recovered the stolen cash.
The force had worked with the Dubai and Sharjah police departments in arresting the gang.
And during the police interrogation, the accused admitted to the robbery, stressing that they also got rid of some phones and calling cards by throwing it away at the crime scene in order to distract and mislead the investigation process.
Officers said the gang had also changed vehicles to confuse the police, discarding the vehicle they used to make their getaway from the money exchange in another emirate, and then using another vehicle to reach Sharjah.

The trial has been adjourned until May 17.
Source: Khaleej Times


Nnenne George said...

Life of crime is not the best.. but my brothers won't hear.. ngwanu osetigo

Okorie Rowland said...

This people should stop disgracing us ,enough of their disappointment ,so someone cannot even be proud to answer i am a Nigerian,abeg wetin we do una ,we still dey talk about the change we dey una wey dey oversea dey add more injury to the already healed wound .Obodo agugogwa mmadu ike ooo,tomorrow them go come back the answer yahoo boys amaro na oshi ka ndia na ezu

Anonymous said...

God gift maket rich added no sorrow, my brothers what you did is not the best&you are a disgrace to your country.

Mr. True Talk said...

there are all criminal, one is just taking the fall for the others. they must have promised him alot if he serve the jail term alone. this people just keep rubbishing the image of this county a over the world.

Anonymous said...

I bet majority (if not all) of this guys will be fellow Nigerians from the eastern region. Sad

grande master said...

I bet u r sick, because only Eastern region dey Nigeria or like deyv gave Thier names

azazel said...

anonymous may thunder from Abu dhabi locate dat rubbish u call mouth wat has tribe got do with dis so its only igbos dat travel outside d country nkita lachai onu idiot ewu

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Anonymous said...

Linda because they were IGBO tribes, that's why you are not revelling their names. Maka why?

victor kelvin said...

Well I don't believe wat they are saying.... it's all false to me so a bureau d change office with such large amount of money don't have securities with guns and can get robbed with petty thieves that rob with knives and iron rods.... lies Abu Dhabi just tell us u wanna deport dem simple

omolara 1505 said...

Maybe you should come to UAE before you comment and come and see what our brothers and sisters are doing here...disgracing our country like say na them need money pass. UAE govt don't have problem with anyone so far you dont disturb there peace here..if you're peaceful and legally staying in the country, then you don't need to fear police or anyone...i still passed through some police check point last night around 12:30am..i was not even stopped or question cos they know for me to be free then am a legal immigrant and i don't have any cause to run or hide from them

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