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Friday, 19 May 2017

Nobody is above domestic violence, even pastors' - KSB

Nigerian singer cum politician, Kenny Saint Brown has just spoken about the increasing rate of domestic violence in the country particularly in the entertainment industry. In an exclusive chat with LIB, KSB who recently launched her new book 'Stop, Turn Around' where she opened up on her life and travails said,
'My thoughts on domestic violence is that we women keep quite for a long time. It starts and it looks like the first time was a mistake, then he apologises and buys you gifts and that covers it up.
And the second time it happens again and at that point as a celebrity, you have your PR to cover up because once the PR is affected, it may affect sales, endorsement deals and almost everything and somehow you are no longer the saint everyone thinks you are and that means alot because it took you a long time to build that level of reputation and personality and that's why most times celebrities tend to keep quite about it'.
Having said this, we asked KSB of she's speaking from experience and she said, 
'yes I'll say a bit of experience from me because in my own case we had two extreme worlds and I won't lie to you I got a lot of prayers and family support and love that's what's most important because they tend to absorb the pain with you. So for me, It was church, my family and Pastor that gave me succor. Most celebrities don't have that luxury because they tend to live larger than life and don't bring their family close son in times of crisis they are left alone with the believe that they have it all figured out'.
She continued to say,
 'for me It boils down to humility because the truth is, nobody is above domestic violence, even pastors. Some pastors deck their wives and on Sunday morning sister has to put up that holy face, pancake and the hat to cover it all up. I'm an advocate of speaking out so you don't die in silence but most importantly our men shouldn't take to drinking. if a man can stay off drinking, no matter how his wife annoys him, with a clear head he most likely won't raise his hands on her'.


Anonymous said...

Wise words sister Kenny, you rock. I blow you kisses.

GALORE said...

You no lie

Even @Pastor wife Dem dey experience DV

I remember as your then "Horse band " too dey do you... That mad man... Can't remember his mad name ...ok... @Eddy


Nnenne George said...

I heard her ex husband Eddy remedy used to beat her blue black those days..

Anonymous said...

My own did not apologise or buy gifts, he insulted me and threatened to do it again after the first time, what was my crime?.....i still is well

Anonymous said...

Pastor KSB blaming alcohol. Lol, nothing we won't hear.

It is the culture! A culture of violence and fear, it is the lack of support, that is what leaves people suffering alone.

Stop trying to make excuses and deflecting from the issue. What about the countless domestic abusers who don't drink alcohol? What will you prescribe to them? They should stop drinking water?

Stay in your lane, and keep speaking in tongues and singing.

dominion said...

Enter your comment...a man who hits a woman is a fool! No matter how much she annoys you.that's what makes a man!

Anonymous said...

Even Osama Bin Laden Suffered domestic violence. Oya every chorus domestic violence.

Anonymous said...


uniquechic said...

yea but some level headed men non alcocolic r d most violent of all....anger issue run deeper dan alcohol issues..
some men have inferiority complex, ego issues, superiority complex..
women shd just take heed of d warning bells during courtship..biliv me its dia ..no1 will pretend for a yr..dats y less dan a yr courtship is not good.

JoBriggs said...

You already said nobody is above domestic violence. I don't know what you mean by "Even Pastors" again. Unless Pastors are nobody to you.

uche christopher said...

Are you waiting to die put my sister be wise. He does it and braged about
so what are you staying for?

Anonymous said...

Now we're blaming alcohol, never the abusers. Seriously, the several seats.

Anonymous said...

I just teya for some People some body is talking about domestic violence u dey tAlk about her career na 9nly her be celebrity. Wey her career don die no remind she know so becos of that she know
Go talk abi

Anonymous said...

@Jobriggs She meant even men who are supposed to be holy like pastors beat up their wives. My soon to be ex husband was a pastor and he used to beat me and verbally abuse me then he would everybody that cares to hear that I beat him. These so called fake pastors are everywhere they are liars, fornicators, woman beaters, gold diggers, covert Narcissistic and sociopaths, even threatening to kill me. Nobody told me to run with my son. I am joyous now and free. I have peace of mind and I'm achieving my greatest potentials. There is nothing I cannot achieve.

Anonymous said...

take it easy ok. no vex

Anonymous said...

So she no go talk again

Anonymous said...

A woman who hits a man is a fool. No matter how much he annoys you. Thats what makes a woman. Idiot.

Anonymous said...

All you foolish and ignorant females that come here to rant with your bad behaviour after fasting and praying for a hubby. When you get him you dont pray to God to give you the right character to maintain a marriage. To every action there is an equal and opposite rxn. That is why there is so much divorce and single mums. Check it. Every man will almost always have a wife or woman but its not the same with you females. So keep forming complain groups instead of telling yourselves the truth.

Queenette Anyadoh said...

@ anonymous...a man who hits a woman is a fool! No matter how much she annoys you.that's what makes a man!

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