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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Nigerian Airforce commences formal investigations into the alleged invasion of UNIOSUN by it's personnnel

Members of staff and students of the Osun State University, Ipetu Ijesa, were reportedly harassed and battered by Airforce personnel on Tuesday.  According to multiple reports, the Airforce men, who have allegedly been terrorising students of the University for a long time, arrived the campus Tuesday and beat up people on sight.
The Dean of Students Affairs, Dr. Adebimpe Adigun, confirmed the incident and revealed that some students were hospitalized after the attack. "Six of the students are currently admitted to a hospital; five were treated for injuries. Two members of staff were also wounded by the military men." she said.
The Air Force have now commenced investigation, insisting that they do not condone or encourage the violation of anyone’s human rights.
"The attention of the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has been drawn to reports of some of its personnel being involved in a fracas on the campus of the Osun State University (UNIOSUN) at Ipetu Ijesha. While the NAF highly regrets the entire incidence, it is noteworthy that the reported incidence is not a reflection of what the NAF stands for. The NAF is a highly professional force that does not condone or encourage the violation of anyone’s human rights. 
The general public is invited to kindly note that the NAF has already commenced formal investigations into the reported unfortunate incidence. At the end of the investigations, Nigerians are assured that any NAF personnel found culpable will be dealt with in accordance with the appropriate laws."


DoInZ said...

This country is very funny!so till now you don't know ur members that did it!what are they investigating again!

NaijaDeltaBabe said...

They should be punished

... Merited happiness

CHY D said...

Nigeria is known for his investigations. You bet me, This is the end of this story. They will investigate till eternity.

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Anonymous said...

Zoo i call nigeria a big black zoo, under 24hrs london hv gotten a full report of the Manchester bombing, while almost a week the pot bellied navy fools are Still beating about the bush.
This country is just wasted and dead, kewd by a full blown housa bastard.

Anonymous said...

Nigeria Armed forces is turning to some thing else...but the armed forces should be very careful in dealing with its citizens as time will come when story may changed and things may go out of hand...see mid east and others.

Please lets be brotherly and every one should obey the law of the land accordingly.

shamsideen olaniyi said...

If Govt refused to punished them,Almighty God will do.....amen

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