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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Mr Shina Peller gives back (photos)

The king of nightlife Mr Shina Peller added another year on the 14th of may 2017 and as we know the celebration is always a week long lined with various activities. Per usual, giving back to the society is always the first on the list. 

The events kicked off on Friday the 12th of May 2017 with visit to Ansa-ud-deen grammar school in Surulere; where he gave out awards to best students in various subjects from junior secondary school 1 to senior secondary 2. 
He also awarded the principal, vice principal, teachers, cleaners and security guards. He thanked them for giving knowledge to the kids and protecting them.

He then preceded to Pacelli School for the blind/partially sighted Surulere and the motherless babies home, Lekki phase1.  Mr Shina Peller does not just come baring gifts he also loves to engage with the students, he gives them words of advice and also makes them read to him. At the end he cuts his first birthday cake with them. 

Mr Shina Peller year in year always finds a way to put a smile on the faces of these kids. According to Mr Shina Peller:

“ I adore these kids, that is why i make this the most important part of my birthday celebration, and the first itinerary on the list before any other event”

Find More Pictures below:


Earl said...

okay he used his birthday celebration as an opportunity to do some good to the society in form of charity

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works. that is very good of him. although i never knew he was a muslim before until now.

NaijaDeltaBabe said...


... Merited happiness

destiny egharevba said...

Wow that's my school. AUDGS. Up school up boys. Thanks for giving back

Akeem Tunde said...

Pls kindly help to forward this till it get to Mr Shina Peller. A guy with a swollen mandibula on his left jaw came to you for assistance on his surgery which you actually show sympathy and instructed your Secretary to give him a sum of 200k but till now, nothing has been giving to this guy. Your Secretary keep telling him he will call him back. Don't know if your Secretary is kinda avoiding him or so cuz since you gave ur consent to give the guy the money, I wonder why the guy is been posted. Pls kindly help this guy, he is truly in need of your financial support, God will help you too as you show your kind gesture to the needy. Pls Linda, if there is a way you can get this to Mr Shina Peller, God will keep blessing you too.. all I want is to let this get to Mr Shina Peller, not asking for money oo. He has already met the guy am talking about. GOD BLESS YOU

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